Tragedy of Perfection is Recruiting

Hello, our guild, Tragedy of Perfection is a progression raiding guild. We are currently 6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults, and 2/6 Heart of Fear.

The roles we need:

Meelee DPS:
-Enhancement shaman

Ranged DPS:
- Balance druids
- Warlocks
- Elemental Shamans

For other classes or specs, don't see this as you have no chance, any exceptionnal DPS will gladly be taken.

Raid Times:

Tuesday: 4 to 7 PM (Server time)
Wednesday: 4 to 7 PM (Server time)
Thursday: 4 to 7 PM (Server time)

Loot system: EPGP

Basic explanation: an addon will track points by the bosses you killed witht he guild.

EP: Effort Points. These are awarded by killing bosses witht he guild.

GP: Gear Points: This number will go higher for each piece of gear you recieved in the raid.

PR: The ratio of EP / GP. the person with the highest PR will win the item if 2 people are needing on it

the addon can be found over here:

Our expectations of new members:
1 - Good Attendancy: please show up to raid if you want to raid. Simple.

2 - Reliable connection: Dcs can happen, but if you get chronical issues with it, you'll need to fix it

3 - Be prepared: Bring some potions to maximise your DPS, bring buff food in case you missed the feast, or some flask as backup.

4 - You will need to download Mumble. The link can be found at:

To Apply directly, or for more information, please contact

Snowdemon (GM)

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