Galleon Possibly Bugged GM Chat screenshot

I just chatted with a GM in game and he said it's not official word yet, but it looks like Galleon may be bugged at this time. They have received reports on several realms of similar issues and quality assurance is working on the issue. Keep an eye on the forums. I will post screenshots of the chat on photobucket shortly and post the link here.

Some people were saying that not all of the pics are working so I expanded the GM chat window as much as i could and was able to get the main part of it into one screenshot in the link below:

Copy and Paste the link in your browser bar. I use google chrome and it works fine I don't know about internet explorer
Anyone else able to see the pics, wont pop up for some reason.
Honeybooboo ate Galleon, it was confirmed.
The screenshot is fail, nothing to see.
I was able to see them.
I saw the first two shots before photobucket borked out, and he is accurately reporting what the GM told him in the chat.
Yeah, I checked the link when he first posted it in chat and it didn't work which is why I asked if it worked for anyone else. Just wanted to read what it said.
I don't know people are having trouble with it, I just tested the link and it worked fine. Copy and paste it into your browser bar
Yeah, all I see is this.

oh well, just wanted to read the convo. No big deal.
My bad, if you open the link with google Chrome you will see the screen shots. Internet Explorer is fail and not showing screenshots for some reason. It was posted today my girlfriend Missdiva is in the shot, I was also in this raid group. Taken on Stormrage.
It worked for the first pic I clicked, I saw one SS where was asked about spawn timer where they said they cannot confirm anything. After that it's bugged out itself.
Cool, opened it with Chrome and reading it now. Thanks.
ya i saw the images, right click is your friend. He did say it's not official, and that fansites and forums are the best bet for spawn times, and based on cata bosses at wowhead's post, the 5 day period has not been exhausted.

not sure what to say folks until Sunday @ around 4:45 pm est. server time.
Well Blizz said

Sha of Anger is more like Archavon. Galleon is more like Kazzak.

if you look up kazzak on wowhead, he has a 2-4 day timer.
added an expanded chat window screenshot hopefully this new link will work for more people
I usually try to trust a company that I pay $180 a year too but on this damn gal camping I am starting to doubt what BLIZZ has too say!!! So, he comes up 10 seconds after restart then is bugged on a timer he should have been up!!! FAIL! You say that he's up 3-4 days but he's still not up....Why should we pay for a fail game?
11/17/2012 05:00 PMPosted by Jahoffa
Why should we pay for a fail game?

lol, fail game cuz 1 rare world boss isnt spawning.

Its not worth the wait imo.
Rename Galleon to the Restart Boss IMO
bump he still hasn't spawned. last kill was tuesday at 4:50pm server
Yep, we're still out here and he hasn't spawned. I figured I'd also put in a ticket just to see if I can get a definitive response. We've all wasted a tremendous amount of time over the past few days on this. I expect my pay check in the mail, Blizzard. :P

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