Galleon Possibly Bugged GM Chat screenshot

Still no spawn. Wtf
I've been camping Galleon for the past three days with most of you guys with no clue on him spawning; wasted enormous amounts of time and become extremely frustrated. I, however am still optimistic it will spawn tomorrow. However i think Blizz should really compensate every person that has camped and stayed there for days. We pay on an average $180 a year. 3-5 days lost not doing anything (although it is our choice) is not fair at all. It is clearly not our fault if Galleon is bugged - we cannot even be sure if he is, because there is no confirmation on the matter. Again, we should get something out of this... It is not our fault if he is bugged.

Thanks Blizz
Tuesday after reset and still no spawn. GG blizz going on 7 days with no spawn now, great customer service. IF he is bugged at least let us know so we can stop wasting our time, stop trying to save face and claim he wasn't bugged, were a long ways past that now.
^ what he said
This is a complete waste of a boss and of people's time. Do everyone a favor and make him a once a week lockout so we can stop the nonsense and get back to dailies and all the other content that is available. Where is the sense in camping days for this boss? Especially now that he inst even working and has not been working for weeks :(

Anyone else miss BH?
BH = Sha.

Galleon is exactly what he is meant to elite rare spawn.
He spawned yesterday in the middle of the day.

From my armory

1 Salyis's Warband kills (Valley of the Four Winds) 22 hours ago

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