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Our history, from the beginning, tells a story of conflict and bloodshed. The Mogu ruled over our people, keeping them as slaves beneath an iron fist. It took many years - and with it - many sacrifices, but eventually we Pandaren won our freedom and lived without shackles upon the land that was rightfully our own.

Many clans -- or, Shao'dins -- arose after the conflict. Born from the ashes of the Mogu Empire, they sought to rebuild and reshape our lives so that we could live on in peace and harmony. One of these was the Douku Shao'din. We - like every clan before us - were born from the shadows of battle. The fires that fueled us in our dire times of war had yet remained in our blood, and it forged the Shao'din into one whose goal was beyond simple existence. We were born with a purpose: To protect and upkeep Pandaria and her people.

Generations passed us by, and while the dangers that threatened us were always there -- so too were we there to keep them at bay. With great service came great respect, and we became one of the last great Shao'dins left, as many others had devolved into simple villages and minor orders. We did our duty well, unquestioning, and unwavering in the face of any danger that Pandaria had to offer -- whether it be Yongol, Mogu, or even the Sha. Yet, nothing could prepare us for what was to come. Soon came the thunderous sounds of war once again.

Battleships of red and blue stormed our shores with countless new faces. Amidst their confusion in this - my home - they did not hide their hatred for one another, and soon blood was flowing in Pandaria once again.

As the Horde and Alliance fought, so too did we fight from within. A battle between sides, mirroring the very war that had ignited such a conflict -- and perhaps mirroring its fate. In the end, we were split in two. One of Pandaria's oldest Shao'dins was no more, and in its wake it left two of the youngest. One clan left for the Alliance, while the other established itself with the Horde.

I am Zhang Windspire, Shodo-pan of the Shieldpaw Shao'din. It is we who fight for the Horde, for I have seen with my own eyes that the only answer to this conflict is to act. It is our duty to protect and maintain Pandaria, and we shall do so unwavering in the face of this war -- beneath the banner red.

Guild Name: The Shieldpaw Shao’din
Level: Level 25
Guild Leader: Zhang
Faction: Horde
RP: Heavy
PvP: Medium – Heavy
PvE: Casual
Guild Officers: Qiwen, Enlai, Shui'rongyu, Shugan, Deshi
Website: shieldpaw.proboards.com

Table of contents:
News - Post 1
Guild Concept - Post 2
A Brief History of the Shao'din - Post 2
Ranks and Inner Workings of the Shieldpaw - Post 3
PvP and PvE Philosophy - Post 3
IC Requirements and Applicant Expectations - Post 4
So you want to join? - Post 4
Changelog - Post 5


The guild storyline has taken off and we're starting a chain of events that revolve around combating the various threats of Pandaria.

The concept behind the Shieldpaw is to bring quality Pandaren RP to Moon Guard. My officer team and I have worked hard from the day that "Mists of Pandaria" was announced to make this project a reality.

We've learned the lore, established our story, made our connections, we're here now to bring Moon Guard a quality roleplaying guild.

One of our goals is to shed a more serious light on the otherwise happy and go-lucky pandaren. We want our characters and concepts to reflect the war that's going on within Pandaria, and not just be a source of comic relief as many people would seem to believe.

What is the Shieldpaw Shao’din?

The Douku Shao’din is a clan of Pandaren that existed on Pandaria. This Shao’din was run by two brothers. It was peaceful, for the most part. The clan got along, and lived in relative harmony. The Shao’din kept a standing military force, but maintained its peaceful culture throughout the Shao’din’s history.

When the conflict in Pandaria began, the two brothers each watched the two sides battle with each other for dominance of Pandaria. They kept themselves secluded, not meeting with either side.

That, however, would soon end. Representatives from the Horde and the Alliance sought out the Shao'din and met with them. Each of the factions made offerings to the Douku through day-to-day work or material things. Soon, the Shao'din was split three ways.

One brother saw the honor and spirituality of Horde to be the side that they should side with. He met with many Shaman and Warriors, had long talks with the Horde emissaries. He respected the Trolls and the Tauren of the Horde the most, while kept a very sharp eye out for the Forsaken and Blood Elves.

The other brother, however, saw the Alliance's justice and morality to be far superior than the honor and spirituality of the Horde. After meeting with Worgen, Humans, Dwarves, and the Night Elves, he knew which side he was going to support.

A third opinion rose amongst the argument. A veteran member of the Shao'din argued they should stay neutral in this conflict, that it would fracture the Shao'din.

In what the Shao'din history calls 'The Day Brothers Split', the two brothers gathered their loyal bannermen, retainers, and soldiers and left for their respective sides. Families were split apart, cousins would eventually fight each other, but the loyalty each retainer feels towards their respective Shodo-pan was something they could not just throw away.

So was it that the Shieldpaw Shao'din was born, forged from the bitter rivalry between two brothers and their differing opinions on the newfound war on Pandaria. The Shieldpaw were the Horde loyal side of the Shao'din - led by Lidun Douku.

Soon, Lidun found himself troubled by his decision. His mind was constantly trailing upon the past, and he saw it for himself that he could no longer lead his people. Lidun Douku left the Shao'din to travel the world in a light not painted by red or blue. He left the Shieldpaw in the hands of its' former Warlord: Zhang Windspire.

Zhang now leads the Shao'din on his own path -- for better or for worse.
Ranks and Workings of the Shieldpaw

The ranks of the Shieldpaw are based on both a generic ranking system, and then a more complex Caste system. As members come in, they will be placed into a trial pending rank, as they learn the rules and inner workings of the guild. This period usually lasts as long as it takes for them to read and understand the rules -- usually less than an hour.

The next rank, initiate status, is where all members begin their journey. They begin in the Earth Caste, who houses all of the newcomers. It is there where they learn all the basics of the Shao'din. This period lasts for around a week, allowing members to take their time in choosing their Caste.

So, what's a Caste? Well, after initiate, players are given a choice between three different 'sects' of the Shao'din. These 'Castes' are not restricted by class, level, or any other means. Members choose the Caste that fits the most with their character. Every Caste is unique, and each offer their own unique way of doing things. The Castes are:

The Earth Caste, who make up the craftsman and commonfolk of the Shao'din. Brewers, smiths, farmers, and other artisans of all kinds make their home in the Earth Caste. Newcomers are put here by default, but have the choice to remain if the Caste suits them.

The Air Caste, who make up the militant arm of the Shao'din. They act as the elite warriors, ensuring the Shao'din's protection. Whether you fight with fist, steel, or spell, the Air Caste is your home -- regardless of your weapon.

The Water Caste, who make up the spiritual and intellectual side of the Shao'din. The Water Caste are the thinkers. It is they who teach us meditation, and maintain relations with those outside the Shao'din. Dipomats, writers, spiritualists, and monks all make their home within the Water Caste.

Each Caste has their own ranking systems and their own unique ways to rank up. When you rank up in your Caste, it is reflected in the guild as well. For instance, when you rank up within the Air Caste due to passing a certain amount of training, your actual guild rank goes up as well -- from Initiate to Shield-blooded and so on.

PvP and PvE philosophy

At our core, we are an RP guild. We will not force any of our members to partake in PvP and PvE if they do not wish to do so. However, that does not mean we - as a guild - don't do them.

As we are an RP-PvP guild, there is usually gonna be PvP going on. We do attend RP-PvP events, and thus encourage our members to get at least some PvP gear to help them live just a tad longer in these situations. We actively do battlegrounds, and I know some members who have their arena teams going successfully. If there is an active RBG interest, then we will happily start going down that road. Either way, if you come with an interest in PvP then you're gonna find a good home here.

As for PvE, it's something we do more casually. We don't currently have a raid group, but with enough interest we do have a former raid leader who's willing to lead one. That being said, we often do heroics and get together for Raid Finder.
IC Requirements and Applicant Expectations

What are you guys accepting ?
From an IC standpoint, Pandaren will be the only race we accept. While the Shao'din originates from Pandaria, we accept Wandering Isle Pandaren all the same. Every newcomer is sworn into the Shao'din during the joining process.

As for classes, we accept any and every class that's available to Pandaren.

What are your requirements?
Level 15+
Grammatical and literacy skills
Willingness to PvP, for the sake of RP-PvP events

What do you expect from applicants?
-Basic grammar and spelling
-Some knowledge in Pandaren and Warcraft Lore
-Good attitude

So you want to join?

You've read this entire thread and you want to join the Shieldpaw Shao'din? Perfect! All you need to do is go to our website and submit an application.


Once you submit an application, our management team will review it and post their comments on the thread. Once it has gotten two approvals, you're in!

You can whisper us if you have any questions!

2/28/12 – Posted new thread and updated information!
3/1/12 - Looking for officers, so I updated the first post.
3/19/12 - I updated some of the content. I'm reading over the MoP stuff, so be patient.
4/13/12 - Changed PvP vs PvE philosophy, and main information block
4/30/12 - Updated main block AND A NEW THREAD
5/11/12 - Updated Shao'din lore
11/18/12 - New Leader Zhang has taken out outdated things, redone some of the relevant old stuff, added some new stuff, and overall just polished the thread to A+ standards.
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Yeah this thread is way better. We should keep bumping both, though. Two threads means twice the amount of recruits.

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This new thread is so SHINY.

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