<Heat> 25m Recruiting All Classes

(Open Recruitment for ALL CLASSES)

<Heat> Proudmoore US | Alliance

<Heat> is an 18+ guild founded in September 2010.

Our Raid Team finished last tier defeating 8/8hm DS.

We are opening recruitment to exceptional players of ALL CLASSES.

We are also looking to recruit people interested in Arena's & RBG's plus Social/Casual players interested in helping with farming etc. are always welcome.

Raid Times...

Tues. Wed. Thurs. 6pm-9pm pst (9pm-12am est) with an optional raid on Monday's during progression.

What <Heat> has to offer...

- Competitive Raiding
- Strong experienced Leadership
- Old content weekly after progression (for xmog & achievements)
- Alt raids
- Non-Stress friendly environment
- We are one of the largest guilds on Proudmoore

What we expect from you...

- Minimum 485 ilvl
- Past Hm raid experience
- ALL gems & enchants up to date
- A desire to be the best
- Be able to work as part of a team & follow instructions
- Take time to study & learn the fights
- 90% - 100% attendance

If you have what it takes and are up to the challenge, you can apply at

http://getheated.wowstead.com or contact an officer in game.

Core Raid Spots are available for excellent raiders...

Current High priority needs...

- Tank (non-Pally)
- Mistweaver Monk
- Mage
- Shadow Priest
- Resto Shaman

If your class isn't listed we still encourage you to apply...

Ingame contacts Qrãk (alt 0227), Nightress, Lynckk.

Real ID qrak1@hotmail.com
Battletag Qrak#1376

<Heat> Proudmoore US | Alliance
Updated needs
Bump for Idriss.
Sorry to say Idriss is no longer with us...but thank you for the bump.

Your weapon. It's...not 450! I call shenanigans!
yea....crappy luck on Holy Pally loot

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