Cleansing the Sha ((Sign-ups and OOC))

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An Elder Druid moved slowly towards the house, carefully moving along the steep path that led to where many Druids would gather soon. His face was covered with a hood and a cloak fluttered behind him in the soft breeze of Stormwind, more from the waterfall nearby than from weather.

A shadow suddenly passed over him, and he looked up. A Druid flew to land on the roof of the small house, looking around. She fluttered down to the ground when she saw him, shifting back to looking like a Night Elf. She met him halfway up the hill and offered a hand to help him. With a smile, he accepted the aid.

As he sat in meditation, she tended the fire and collected food for the coming Druids. By nightfall, more had gathered. A few Pandaren had joined, even, though they seemed to feel out of place among the Night Elves and Worgen. The Elder Druid sat by the blazing fire, watching more arrive. This wouldn't be good...

Far away in Thunderbluff, a similar gathering was occurring. An old Tauren paced inside their tent, looking extremely anxious. As she sat, she 'happened' to be in the same position as her Elven counterpart in Stormwind, and, with much difficulty, they were able to form a link. After a quick talk with each other, they stopped the link to see who had gathered.

((Welcome! This is a thread for the new area Pandaria [though it starts in Stormwind], and specifically for the Sha.

Basically, these Druids [and likely other classes to join them] are going to try to help the Pandaren cleanse the Sha. Knowing what little they do of Pandaria, they're bound to run into trouble.

SO! Without much more explanation, here's the sign-ups! All races welcome, if you're Horde, you'll be joining them in Pandaria.


Sign ups:




(healer, fighter, scout etc.)

Physical Description:


Short History:

Link to current IC:
Accepted Sign Ups- These will be name - role (page of sign-up)

Alabron Stargaze - Scout/Ranger (pg 1)

Nessalyn “Nessa” or “The Sunstrike” Daniels - Melee (pg 1)

Odynae 'Dyna' Dawnhammer - Fighter (pg 1)

Korrzair Wildblade - Melee fighter/ Spellcaster (pg 1)

Korrzair Wildblade - Melee Fighter (pg 1)

Feliathae Silvermist - Ranged fighter/ Scout (pg 1)

Alferaza "Daisy" Nightengale - Scout (pg 1)

Bacto Wo - Fighter (healer if need be) (pg 1)

Lia Sunblade - Scout/Fighter (pg 2)

Coron Moonblade - Scout/ Fighter (pg 2)

Catheden Everblade - Fighter/ reanimater (pg 2)

Kaenei Silverfur - Healer (pg 2)

Achek Ragetotem - Figher/ (poor) healer (pg 3)

Veosin - "Fighter" (pg 3)
This looks cool, however I'm still deciding on a character (or maybe two)
Name: Alabron Stargaze

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Hunter

Roll: Scout or Ranger

Physical Description: Tall with long white hair. Light pink skin. Glowing yellow eyes. Quiet and patient.

Armor/Weapons: Uses light scale mail armor to move around easier in, yet still protecting him from sharp pieces of sharpnel. Also uses two dual blades for melee purposes. But mainly uses a longbow, made of green and flexible wood with a blood red interior.

Short History: Born in the forests of Felwood. He always holds his head high in confidence. He learned to tame beasts at a very young age. His spirit beast, Scar, and his pet wolf, Fang, follow him almost everywhere he goes. He never knew his parents. He lived with animals his whole life. He always seeked for adventure and fighting.
Alabron, looks good!
I'll go with my paladin.

Name:Nessalyn “Nessa” or “The Sunstrike” Daniels

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Roll: (healer, fighter, scout etc.) Melee fighter, though can be a healer if needed

Physical Description: She stands at 5’7”. She has light skin, a freckled face, light brown eyes and light brown hair she usually keeps tied back in a long ponytail. There is also a small scar on her left cheekbone.

Armor/Weapons: Nessalyn has silver armor with blue and yellow accents. Her cloak reackes he ankles and is a deep blue with gold embroidered edges. She has a large silvery claymore with a sliver and blue hilt with gold woven in the hilt in thin lines. Her boots are metal on the outside but in the inside they have cloth in them you can't see for comfort purposes.

Short History: Nessalyn grew up in Lakeshire with her parents and her older sister and brother. Her sister, the eldest, left Lakeshire for Stormwind to train as a mage while Nessalyn was still a child. Her brother, the next oldest, began training as a rogue when Nessalyn was barely a teenager. At that time, she began learning to wield a sword from a family friend, and soon she got good enough to the point where she considered being a paladin instead of a priestess like her mother. Finally she decided to train as a paladin and she journeyed to Stormwind. After a few years of training, she decided to test herself out in the world. One day she was tricked into getting captured. She awoke in an arena and for a long time was forced to fight as a gladiator in the arena. Finally she escaped with the help of the other captive fighters and returned to her home in Lakeshire. She soon returned to adventuring though.
Morann, accepted ^_^
Name: Odynae 'Dyna' Dawnhammer

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Role: Fighter, bad at healing but can, in limited capacity.

Physical Description: Of average height, usually found in full armor. Unarmored form is muscular, not very 'womanly', not curvy- broad shoulders, thick arms. Unremarkable blue eyes, hair pulled back at the nape of her neck, usually haphazardly braided. Face scarred in a disfiguring manner- acid scarring across the left side of her face, perpetual snarl as a result. Bullet scar through the mottled skin across her jaw. Right ear doesn't match the rest of her skin, nose is very crooked. If one looks past the ugly, one might notice a light dusting of freckles on the unscarred bridge of her nose.

Armor/Weapons: Heavy red armor, including helm full helm and gorget; battered wide brimmed black hat, a gift from her late husband, worn beneath the helm and imbued to prevent mental intrusion. Scaled, scorched cloak, enchanted to resist fire. Belt has a number of satchels dangling from it, including an empty leather circle that looks as though it once held a pocketwatch, and a large coil of sturdy rope. Dagger in her boot, short sword at her belt, but her primary weapon is the long glaive she keeps strapped to her back; it's red, like her armor, but the blade has hints of blue somehow imprinted into the steel. They don't do anything special.

Short History: Dyna Dawnhammer emerged from Northshire Abbey naive and overly willing to think the best of everyone she came across. Unsurprisingly, this led to a great deal of trouble for her- especially considering her tendancy to follow the codes of morality she was taught. She made many friends, but just as many enemies, and was part of many groups devoted to a higher calling- Paladin Orders, a humanitarian group, the military (dishonorable discharge,) and a volunteer militia. She has known love, betrayal, friendship, and a great deal of loss. Recently Ordained and recognized as a Knight of the realm, her personality has tempered quite a bit, and though she still struggles with the feeling that she lives a life populated more by memories and ghosts than those who remain alive, she has found her center in her faith in the Light. She is not the warmest woman, especially not at first- she's learned caution that borders on paranoia at times- but she's extremely loyal to her friends and to her principles.

((I'm not quite sure how this will work, but I'd love to try!

I'm sorry this was so long. >: She's, um, been around in RP for... a while now. Late Wrath.

For reference, here is the armor/weaponry!

Ugly Old Hat:
Cloak: ))
Name: Korrzair Wildblade

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Swordmage

Roll: (healer, fighter, scout etc.) Melee fighter or spellcaster.

Physical Description: Stands tall at 7'2 with long dark blue hair. He has arcane rune tattoos on both of his palms, they glow brightly when he casts a spell. He is over 300 years of age.

Armor/Weapons: Wears cloth robes, gloves, and boots. But he is able to conjure mail armor with his magic whenever he is needed up in melee. Weapons he uses a staff and a spell orb to increase the effectiveness of his spells, but he conjures swords from arcane and uses dual swords when in melee.

Short History: Korrzair's parents wanted him to follow in their footsteps, his mother a sentinal warrior, and his father, a scholar mage. They both taught their teachings to him in secret. Each not knowing that their son was also learning the other art. Korrzair then began mixing the art of war with the ways of the arcane. He excels in many spells, including: Sword Storm, Ice Shield, Fire Hammer, and much more.
Dyna, accepted.

Korrazair, accepted.
Yes, yes it is an amazing name, yes, I'm crushed that I'm not the only Chugnorris, and yes, this is Srdotsalot. I just sorta felt like posting on this guy to sign up. Anyway! To that! Also, you spelled 'role' wrong.

Name: Bacto Wo

Race: Pandaren

Class: Monk

Role: Fighter, healer if need be.

Physical Description: While completely bald on his head, Bacto sports a forest of hair on the side of his head, as well as both a fu manchu and a braided beard. This heair, along with all the fure that isn't white, is jet black, and fairly well-groomed. He sports a healthy beer gut, and the edges of his eyes are crinkled from his tendency to close them tightly and throw his head back when laughing, which he does a lot.

Armor/Weapons: Bacto wears the plain black garb of a monk, as well as a cape with a hood for when it gets cold. His main weapons are his fists, though he carries both a bo staff and two small swords around just in case.

Short History: Bacto was, is, and always will be the epitome of a good monk. Ever since he was little, he showed remarkable patience in everything he did, from art to basic combat training. His parents sent him off to Master Jondo Li's monastery to be trained as a monk, and he quickly rose to the top of his class. However, he had the tendency to be a bit disruptive. Master Li continuously sent him out into the back courtyard to hone his fists by punching the tree for a full hour. It turned out later, however, that Bacto had done this on purpose, in order to both immunize his fists to pain, but to practice other techniques on the tree as well, honing his body further. The young monk formed a sort of bond with that tree. It wasn't really a friend bond, but rather one of admiration. That tree stood unmoving, unblinking, and unbreaking as he pummelled it constantly. He had to give whatever spirit he was sure inhabited it kudos: It never once attacked him over the many years he spent toughening his body with it.

In time, Bacto became the assistant instructor to Master Li, and taught many students. Eventually, the master passed on, his staff blossoming in the Forest of Staves, and Bacto became the master.

When Shen-zin Su had visitors, Bacto was enamored by the Alliance and all that they believed in, and when the time came for Aysa, Ji, and the hero of the Isle to pick a faction to join, Bacto tagged along with Aysa. He now spends his time wandering around Kalimdor, having travelled there from the Eastern Kingdoms, living off the land and occasionally visiting the cities to restock and train some curious new students.

You may be wondering why it's not done... I may have, uhm, possibly... been watching CavemanFilms fail for the last hour... Well, I'll do it tomorrow. Reserved and all that.

EDIT: AGAIN, I got sidetracked; I promise that I will get to it tomorrow.

EDIT 2: Would it be possible to have a Jinyu or Hozen character? I mean, we're on Pandaria here. I'm just curious.
11/18/2012 07:11 PMPosted by Chugnorris
Also, you spelled 'role' wrong.

Pfft, no idea what you're talking about >.>

Name: Aldiran Drax

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Warrior

Role: (healer, fighter, scout etc.) Melee fighter.

Physical Description: Taller than most kaldorei, he stands at 8'1. He bares strong arms, legs, and torso. He is a young kaldorei, with bright white locks of hair. His eyes are a solid white.

Armor/Weapons: Heavy plated armor for protection of full on attacks by weapons. All matches to make him look more fierce than he already is. He wields two giant obsidian axes that could probably cut a tauren in half.

Short History: He was born with a hungry taste for battle. He loves to kill and see killings. He is a wrecking ball just waiting to collide with a wall of soldiers. He grew to be as tall as he is at the age 100. He is one of Azeroth's strongest.
Name: Feliathae Silvermist

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Hunter

Description: Feliathae stands around 6’7” and has an average weight. Her purple hair is long but is often pulled back in a pony tail. Often there are lines of small braids scattered throughout her hair anchored by stylized moons. She does bear facial marks in a jagged stylistic line drawn over each eye trailing down to her cheeks. Her skin is a pale violet color and her eyes bright silver. She usually has a smile tugging at her lips and carries herself with a small spring in her step.

Her companion is a frost leopard named Kethavin.

Role: Ranged Fighter/Scout

Weapons and Armor: She carries a wooden longbow and a two handed axe. She wears leather armor, dark brown in color and has a long pale gray cloak. She does own guns and crossbows, but prefers the use of a compound bow because it doesn't make as much noise as a gun and isn't complicated to reload.

Basic History: Feliathae was born in Forest Song and grew up playing amongst the ancient trees of Ashenvale. She has a younger sister, Alasseya, who entered the priesthood, but with her natural affinity for animals and expert skills at tracking and wilderness survival, Feliathae took the path of the hunter.

Both she and her sister, ensconced the in way of life of Ashenvale, grew into vibrant young women. Shortly before the Third War, Alasseya, unhappy with the quiet little corner that Forest Song had become, began looking for something more exciting. Her sister eventually became a consort to a warrior, Balanad, using underhanded means, much to the dismay of many of the other females in the area who were vying for his attention. The two sisters quarreled over the unorthodox tactics and parted ways after.

Fighting the demons of the Burning Legion had proved taxing on the huntress who came to Teldrassil seeking solace after that horrible war. Darnassas, where her sister who had not fought in the war still dwelled, proved to be more stressful and while Feliathae spent most of her time in Dolanaar. Matters had not been helped that Alasseya did not answer the call to war in Mount Hyjal while Feliathae and Balanad did, two having fought alongside each other on more than one occasion.

Upon her return from Hyjal, living in Dolanaar proved to be in too close of a proximity to her sister and the tenuous relationship her sister now had with Balanad, and when word came to her that help was needed for an expedition into Panadaria, she packed her bags and headed to Stormwind to volunteer.
Name: Alferaza "Daisy" Nightengale.

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Role: (healer, fighter, scout etc.):Scout(Combat Spec.)

Physical Description: Alferaza is 5'9 in height. She is very small build, her skin is amazingly paleas if she saw very little sunlight. She has long brown hair reaching to her shoulder blades when not on a mission. Her eyes are a stunning blue color. And there is a scar that tracks down from her lip to the collarbone.

Armor/Weapons: Her armor is strange for a rogue. She wears full black leather armor. Appearing to be made with careful stitch's and very lovingly.Her headpiece is the most startlingly piece of her armor. It seems to be made from the skull of a tough leather substance that was fitted into the seems of a black hood. It's eye sockets glowing a light purple color. Her weapons are two glaive's each with a wide handle and two blades at the end. Wielding one with each hand. Both shine a silver color and each adorned with the colors of the alliance.

Short History:Born as an orphan into Stormwind, her childhood was very hard. Dealing with bullies and the sorts. She soon learned how to hide from her bullies and steal from them and away. Taking a butter knife for a local inn she spent hours in Elwynn forest practicing throwing and sparring for hours at a time. Eventually a Rogue took notice of her practicing hiding and backstabbing tree's and told her to go try the SI:7. Going she was given to Matthew for training. After such she graduated at near the middle of her class. Failing her Stealth technique but easily passing the combat course. After that she was sent to Outlands to further her technique even when told she was not needed. After making her armor from a dead black dragon she found on the ground of Blade's Edge Mountain.

She relaxed deciding to rest in Shatterah city. When she was called back to help find the King's son. So she went back to help in the recovery and exploration of the new continent. She bought the weapons she wields from a man from Dawns blossom. She soon joined to help find the son of her king.
So since everyone here is alliance if i put a horde character up, will i be roleplaying by myself?

And reserved
Fel, accepted.

Rak, fill in the history xD

Lia, *points to the door* Get out xD Jk, jk, *Pounces*

Jeram, you would until you got to Pandaria, but of course, there are NPC's.
Lia, *points to the door* Get out xD Jk, jk, *Pounces*

Daaww, well fi--*Is pounced*

Will get my sign up hopfully soon.

Sorry, been so busy with stuff in game, guild has events through the WHOLE week

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