<Epic> Lf a Feral/Ret with Healing OS

Hello all!

<Epic> of Turalyon horde-side is looking for a talented Feral Druid of Ret Paladin with an equally as geared/talented healing offspec for our 10 man core raid group.

The position being recruited for is a full-time commitment.

Our raid times are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday with invites going out at 11:15pmEST and raiding until 2:00amEST.

We are currently 6/6 MV and 2/6 HoF. We are beginning to push heroic-modes with the intent to complete all as fast as possible!

Next week, we are considering adding an additional day to push new content: Monday.

Our application is located at: http://epic-guild.net/recruitment

And the contacts in game are:


Thanks guys!!
bump. :)
bump for a feral/ret with healing OS :)

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