The Top *3* Things You Hate About Your Class.

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Go! It can be as petty or as major as you want.

For me:

Class: Warlock.

1) Soul Consumption not working properly on Demo.

2) Can't be a Drenai.

3) LFD queues.
Tying fire nova to flame shock. Until that goes away, this will be a toon I level when I have nothing to do on my new "main."
Class: Paladin.
1. Divine Intervention loss.
2. Seals.
3. Righteous Fury.
1. Can't dps on the run
2. Eclipse
3. AoE

No more Melee.
Camofluage not being an Actual stealth.
Not being able to tame Hydras.
lets see....
1. Lots of time on getting every polymorph...
2. Being used a food dispenser.
3. Being used for portals without bothering to tip us for missing our dungeon ques for you..
Class: Druid
1. Can't mine in bird form, where I can skin and herb in bird form. Yes, I'm that lazy.
2. Leather gear restricted with the exception of cloth.
3. Soothe Animal, it works differently.
11/18/2012 07:02 PMPosted by Seyi
3. Being used for portals without bothering to tip us for missing our dungeon ques for you..

Really? Almost every mage I've seen outside of my guild has asked for, this expansion, over 200g for basic portals :|
11/18/2012 07:10 PMPosted by Aaeiyn
Soothe Animal, it works differently.


Nothing :D
Class: Hunter
1) Not having the time to camp to tame a rare (please be giving quest for unique beastie that is omfg hard. I can deal with that frustration)
2) No gnome hunters
3) Guns need a silencer option

Class: Shaman
1) Give me back my totem bar
2) Totem bar, where art thou
3) Bar of the totem, how I miss you

Can't use Throwing Weapons. Not even a glyph that makes us look like we have a throwing axe or spear.

Can't tame Hydras, Proto-Drakes, or Cloud Serpents.

... That's it.
1. My gear looks STUPID on a Tauren

2. My only other choice is Alliance/Blood Elf.

3. Choice 2 makes me shiver.
11/18/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Ràìn
Soothe Animal, it works differently.


Soothe Animal used to lower animals aggro range and not just dispel enrages.

1. Can't mass hunter's mark
2. Can't tame dragons
3. The way a bow is placed on my back, just looks weird.
1. It gets nerfed in every expansion.
2. We get slightly stronger than a Mage or a Rogue and a nerf is included in the next content patch.
3. We are referred to as being stupid players when we take more skill to play than a Mage does.
1. traps
2. only 25 stable slots
3. sub par Pve damage
Not enough beer.

Still not enough beer.

1: Combo points in both feral and tank spec.
2: Balance spec is meh
3: Travel form has a weird running animation

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