The Top *3* Things You Hate About Your Class.

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How easy flight form makes certain dailies....

oh wait.
Only class who can use a shield and can't tank.

Only class who can wield 2H weapons but has no spec that uses them.

Seriously if you're not going to bring back 2H enhancement then just give us 1H swords and remove our 2H use.
1) is there a point for Path of Blossoms?

2) the fact that we can FSK while holding a flag in pvp (i think it's unfair)

3) we can't have all 3 stances for every spec
1. No mobility dps
2. Treants aren't permanent minions
3. No combat flight form spec. (I would love to be a warlike eagle in Bg's diving from the skies to destroy the enemy, but I obviously understand how hard it would to make this viable for anything without being incredibly op)

No more 12 second Divine Shield.

Having to keep up inquisition in ret.

Suggestion for turn evil: make it aoe, no cast time have a 10 minute cd and fear all class pets for up to 15 seconds.
1. Blood isn't a DPS Spec :(

2. bad PVP mobility

3. ...Dumplings?

Just 1 and 2, lol xP
I want Destro to be back in the limelight again.
Wrathguards should be able to equip two handers like Felguards do.
I think we (like other pure dps classes) should always out dps hybrids.

No mobility truth be told.
No permanent demon form
No Class specific flying mount or transformation
1. Mastery. Blows. This procc an extra attack didn't work for ret in early cata, and I don't want it now!

2. Fists of Fury. lololchannellol.

3. No cleave.
1. More interesting talents

2. Less squishiness

3. Less RNG for Frost plox
1. Unholy.
2. Frost tanking gone.
3. Blood needs more AOE of some type.
1. Every Tank except for Paladin's have a way to increase their DPS when not tanking. (Cat Form, Battle stance, Frost/Unholy Presence).

2. I miss Divine Intervention

3. Holy paladin's have the lowest DPS of any healer. (Im just mad cause I cant solo Valithria Dreamwalker due to Lack of any damage spells)
Um. Ummmmmmmm.

1. Can't see fist weapons
2. Intellect weapons have crap for dps so I run five mans with an agi staff to make dps more satisfying.
3. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Hold on. I need to think...WAIT! Lack of good monky transmogs!
1) I'm stuck with DPS queues no matter what.
2) People always asking me for portals.
3) Can't think of another. Who am I kidding, I love mages. :3
1. Burnt a finger from trying to clean up after my Dreadsteed's droppings. What? They got rules in SW park about those kind of things.

2. Chipped a tooth on a lock rock.

3. Mages
poor survivality as frost
Lack of cloth head gear that shows your hair.
• Interacting with some items requires me to manually shapeshift, and some others don't. =\

• Glyph of fae silence is an awfully long cooldown, otherwise I'd be using it more.

• (Can go for tanking in general) Blizzard should go the Threat Plates route and change the size of the nameplates based on how much threat I have.
1) changes to totems. Especially now they are interruptable.
2) decrease thunder storm CD
3) everyone goes for an Ele Sham in a Bg.

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