The Top *3* Things You Hate About Your Class.

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1. i can take on 50 mobs and just DS and win. sometimes its fun to feel the rush of death.
2. if i ever got to 20% i can just summon pet then sac it and not die -_-
3. if i do finally die, the games like "loljk" i go into pergatory, DS once and live.


Level a clothy with no BoA's

OH ~ and:

1: intercept was cool, and let us switch between stances more often. Most warriors now are just constantly in defensive stance. For PvP anyway.
2: Heroic Leap. Don't like it, never have. idk
3: Taste for blood procs(should cap at 2 or 3, not 5) Takes the skill away from the other class. Doesn't matter how much of a good player you are. You can not, in any way, do anything against a one hit macro / button.
Death strike throws off my rotation badly.

Blood Strike is completely useless. I hate useless abilities.

I hate how Army is a channel. I'd love for it to just be an instant. The rune cost and cd are enough.
Shadow Priest

No one wants to bring me
Everyone wants me to heal
Everyone makes fun of priest healing anyway
1: No Eyes of the Beast

Repeat 2 more times. That's the only thing, pretty much, I'm pretty content with everything else.
Rage Generation. I liked it better in Cata, more fun.

While I think we're the best as we've ever been, too me I wish it was a little faster paced as far as button mashing goes. Then again I'm use to a frost dk which is a lot more spam-able.

From what I've seen Frost Death Knights seem fun IMO. Too bad I don't play one cause..being dead and Unholy and all :-P

1) PvP Survivability: If I get stunned with no trinket up, there's a good chance I'll die. On top of that, we have very little mobility and we run out of mana FAST.
2) 5.1 is going to be bad.
3) Renewing Mist is good, but bad. The smart-heal HoT is a good thing, but sometimes it refuses to proc on targets with fairly low health, but procs on targets at near or full health. What.
1- Cant do shots of whiskey in the bar with people

2- Cant write on peoples faces when they die

3- Cant write dirty things on bathroom stalls
1: The new haunt. Give me the old mechanic back.
2: Soul Shards. They over complicate things and seem to serve no other purpose.
3: Leave the channeled filler to spriests please.
1) Forbearance - it's just annoying, but I know why it's there.
2) Flash of Light - let me think back to the last time I used this in Holy...oh, that's right, WotLK.
3) Capped mana pool - WOOT WOOT! I can heal heroics in my tank gear <3 (and have)
1. I hate that my DPS procs only come from 1-2 buttons. (obliterate and frost strike = successful dk)
2. Terrible mobility
3. Soul Reaper is a over time finisher... Warriors execute is stronger than it... (either that or I need new gearz)
1. Can't use Lightbringer gear.

2. Large pool of people to compete with for weapons.

3. Long queues ( I dont tank)
1-have to rely on a healer to heal me, as i can't heal myself, so if i get a healer that's in a bad mood, im stuffed.
2-can't fight my enemies at range.
3-im too OP and i need a nerf.
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Level a clothy with no BoA's

Go and do [The Sorrow And The Fury] quest in Badlands as a Warlock, solo.

Oh my word, what a stupid quest.
1: Nerf to intimidating shout next patch

2: One hander fury doing more dps then titans grip fury

3: Not enough rage at the start of fights
1) Since Cata, I don't like any of our Tier Set gear. IMHO, the best looking "ninja assassin" style gear was from Vanilla to WotLK. But thanks to Transmog, I can transmog Pre-Cata gear whenever I want :)

2) I can't pick Anticipation and Shuriken Throw at the same time. I hope Blizzard buffs this someday cause not taking Anticipation is a huge DPS loss if I need to switch to Shuriken Throw for certain boss fights where I need to move into range quite often.

3) Waffles doesn't have enough butter and sugar.
1. As Feral (the spec I usually play on PTR, I don't actually play live) there's almost NO aoe and it bugs me so much that I have to spend like 45 energy on Swipe.
2. After my burst, my energy management is terrible
3. I wish NS had a 30 sec CD

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