Remember the roll bonus? Add to heroics plz

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Oh hey, this thread again.

You do remember the fiasco that was DS LFR before the looting system was changed, right?

Once dungeons start dropping epics again, do you really want enchanters need-rolling and winning, by default, gear for their spec that they don't need for a crystal? (10x Sha Crystals for one Jade Spirit or Dancing Steel enchant) Or tanks/healers grabbing up everything they can because they felt the group "did not meet their standards" or other such !@#-hattery?

No thank you, I will roll with equal chance against the other 4 people that took part in the instance that I can repeat every day (or more than once a day with lucky ques).
I plan to tank once I hit 90 get get quicker ques for my DPS gear.
That's a sure way to guarantee that I'm not setting foot in another heroic.

I have all the healer gear I need.
I want boomkin gear so I can change back to boomkin for guild raids.
So I run heroics to get boomkin gear. But I do it as a healer.
11/19/2012 05:50 AMPosted by Moncrief
so it wouldn't help with the crying.

Well, you're assuming that all of the crying is because they lost loot (and most of it is). But there are some people with reasonable requests mixed in with the idiots.

11/18/2012 10:25 PMPosted by Postonforums
I'd be ok with this, as long as I got DPS role bonus when I tank, since DPS is my main spec, but I'm helping the que.

pretty much.

It'd beat a satchel, anyway
The role bonus is not coming soon, why not allow you to use your lucky coins for a bonus roll instead.
11/20/2012 03:55 AMPosted by Hatsune
The role bonus is not coming soon, why not allow you to use your lucky coins for a bonus roll instead.

Many misclicks and succeeding tickets inc.
it's fine and you should deal with it. you'll be the same person whining when there's longer ques because tanks/healers are forced into a dps roll for off-spec loot.

In my opinion and that of many players, if you want gear for a certain role, then fill that role.

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