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I'm one of the cc-ers for the windlord fight on Hof. as u know, if u pick up the spear at the back of the boss room, u will get an extra action button that will allow u to cc one of the adds.

I want to create a macro that allows me do this without deselecting my current target (the adds need to be re cc-ed during the fight).

with my focus set to the add to be cc-ed, I'm intending on trying this out:

/tar [@focus]
/click extraactionbutton1

however I'm unsure as to whether this will cause me to deselect my current target, which isn't ideal. if the above macro doesn't do the trick, do u guys know what will?
Pardon the necro, but because this is the first Google search result on the subject, I'll put the complete answer here:

/target focus
/click ExtraActionButton1

Note that if you use a ranged auto attack (Hunters), you'll want to add /stopattack before that, and /startattack after, so that you don't pop your CC target with an unfortunately timed auto-attack.

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