Your Favorite Pet?

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We're all hunters here, so we all have our own special collection of pets. i know i cherish my ghost saber, which was my very first pet that i went out and tamed. 2 hours of searching and i still think it was worth it.

So, back to my original question. What is your favorite pet, and why?
Mine would be my Spirit Bird but when im not bm it would be the white version of new panderia cats
Chibee the giant grub. The way it looks and its size when beside someone or something especially when bestial wrath is used.
My corehound, the Kurken from Azuremyst Isle. I had King Bangalash for years... I remember taming him when he was an elite mob. That was a long time ago! I had to abandon him a few months ago though because for some odd reason, his abilities were all messed up. :( I could go and tame the non-elite cat but meh..
yay, people responded :)

anyway, some good pets here. and does anyone have any stories behind some of their pets? like when you were taming did something happen that tested ya?
I don't even have it yet cuz my hunter isn't high enough, but Skoll.... i am all over that when i hit 80. I love wolves, and that is the most beast wolf i've seen in this game :)
For BM: My Loque, it took me six months to find and he's the most unique skin.
For MM: My black tiger from Jade Forest and the grey wolf that looks like Skoll
just sayin this, Loque'nehak is a girl, if im not mistaken.
Loque is a he :P the cat in zul'drak that looks just like him is his mate who is female.
11/17/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Saldrelinda
Loque is a he :P the cat in zul'drak that looks just like him is his mate who is female.

ah, thanks for the info :)
Right now my favorite pet is Chi-bee until they fix it then it will be my green devilsaur.
i saw this creepy anime game on youtube that oddly enouph kept me i disded that sense i couldn't sleep to see actuirs and sure enouph he spawn awhile after i log in.and for the creepy game that got me up to tame the bear i named him after the anime.CorpseParty.

as for fav pet................................................................................I LOVE ALL MY BABYS!

"crys"the memoris we made together.
I used Broken Tooth for quite a while - tamed him when he was still considered the best DPS in vanilla.
For most of BC and into Wrath I used the Frostsaber Pride Watcher, and ever since I was able to tame him Loque'nahak has been by my side.

BrokenTooth (Pharaun) is still in my stable, I can't bring myself to get rid of him - was the first pet that I camped for weeks to tame. lol
My deviant cobra =)
Simmons for personal reasons (first pet, this guy was a gob before... also the monkey was a miner).

I am waiting for 5.1 so my gem snake can evolve to a flying mana wyrm thing. He will prob be my favorite then. Heck I could even invent a reason for it... He was a animated gem construct before.
My favorite one is my wolf as soon as i could tame a pet i ran like 3 area's over dying over and over so i could tame a wolf then i named him dekoder but messed it up and didnt capitalize the d. but hes still my fav.

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