Your Favorite Pet?

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My favorite pet is my hyena called Spot. Why my favorite? Just because he's cute. He was also one of the very first pets I tamed.
The ghost wolf. No, not crappy Karoma. The real one.
bumping this back to the top. i want to hear people's stories :o
Had Broken Tooth back in vanilla, loved that cat. My dad who used to play WoW woke me up at 3 am so I could tame him since he was so rare with his 1.0 attack speed.

After Blizz normalized pets, I was stupid and abandoned him out of rage at Blizz lol :/

But I got Rak'shiri (Maysa) back in vanilla, still got her. That's my solo pet :) and Skoll (Nephanis) is my other fav, wanted him since I saw him. That's my party pet unless another is needed xD
I don't have a favourite pet, but I used to. I say that even though I wouldn't consider the pet my favourite simply because it's still influenced all the rest of my pets.
Back in vanilla I tamed Sian-Rotam, when trying to do so would just get you fear spammed and maimed on the ground. I was a jerk and had an entourage of people to stunlock him, just to make my life easier and not having to deal with it (by deal with it I mean trap breaking early and ruining my life). As a result, I felt obligated to keep that pet so as to prevent myself from feeling like I wasted everyone's time.

So through vanilla, tBC and WotLK I primarily used Sian-Rotam, who I named SianRotam. Any time I caught another pet or had to use a different type, they were also named SianRotam. My devilsaur named SianRotam was the most confusing.
At the end of WotLK/Cataclysm I released my original Sian - and I can't entirely remember why. I had another cat, I think, and I had to get rid of one of them. I started using a wolf I'd just tamed instead, still named wolf. I never gave it a new name, so throughout Cataclysm I used an unnamed wolf still labelled wolf.

Eventually, people started hagging on me to name my pet. So I did - I changed his name to Wolf and told them he was already named. Now is now, and every once in a while someone asks me why my pet raptor mount is a wolf.
My original pet was a black worg (northrend model) that I used for everyting. While questing in Kun Lai two days ago, I came upon a gray and black tiger that was so boss I had to tame it (despite me normally disliking cats). Suffice to say, Natasha is now my permanent bestial companion :)
Use to have several rares amongst the older hunters i had before. when Blizz released the news that newly made hunters would get a pet at creation. the new cat model was implemented for them and i had to have it. thats when i made Azairian, i still have that lvl 1 cat in my stables after naming him mushigama. (no idea why).

now my favorite is loque. i use him for leveling as often as possible and switch to arcturis (now named ursa) for a tank pet. under heavy duress i will switch to dragon, the new dragon turtle rare spawn in MoP.

sadly i have very few old pets that i kept around as this toon was created during the expansion for the new hunter pets. always been a cat person though. my old hunters ran with echayakee and humar quite often. had a polar bear tank for a while. bjarn i think was his name.

im an old school player though, and though i realize the practicality of pets has improved...i do miss the days of having to feed the pet to keep it around, to keep it happy. they were my loved ones back then. now theyre just utility...very pretty tools.
My hyena, Dogmeat, I remember leveling to 16 with a red raptor dying to tame a hyena he was my second pet and I still use him!
Loque'nahak is probably my favorite Spirit beast. I know I will probably get flamed for this, but I'm going to share my story anyways. I had been camping Loque for about 3-4 months, almost every time I logged on. Well, I logged on to find an alliance hunter level 80 taming him in a ice trap. My heart stopped, I was soo upset that I missed my chance. Then all of a sudden, my heart turned cold. I killed the Alliance hunter, and tamed Loque while he was still in the hunters trap. As the hunter sat there dead, I felt horrible. I completely broke hunter code...but deep inside I was grinning, because my hunt for Loque was over. That was 2 years ago. I cherish loque, always will. I'm sorry to the Alliance hunter I killed.
No love for patrannache? I went out and tamed all the spirit beasts, 5 out of molten front and interesting rares from MoP. The one I use the most is Magria. No stories, most of the tames were pretty uneventful aside from taming skarr seconds before another hunter ran up. Thankfully his fireball missed :-D
Weiss, my Ghostpaw Wolf. For Weiss is the great white ghost wolf that is the bane of the Scarlet Crusade.

While dicking about with friends in Scarlet Cathedral while leveling, I thought it would be funny to have my pet pull the boss before we got to kill any of the adds. Not only did Weiss pull the entire room upon himself, he managed to take out Mograine without help before forcing the pissed off Crusaders to turn to us.
Gondria. Yea it looks like all the firelands ones, but it was the first pet I camped and camped and camped and finally got it after about 2 months. Took me about a year to get loque, but I get so annoyed with the growl...

I do wish they would make a new MOP original spirit beast. Like loque but mabye a wolf or raptor or something. Something new, something super rare.
When I'm in BM Spec kind of a tie between Arcturis, Loque and Skoll.
In Survival, Sambas and Skarr.
Pennzoil <3
Loque is my fav. He makes a different roar to all the other cats and spirit beasts. Sounds meatier and angrier. Luv it!

He also looks mean :). Especially when all red and angry!
Arcturis has to be my fav one, since it was hell to catch it, I am on a pvp server, so yeah it got ugly on spawn point sometimes, I remember I hunted down another hunter and try to drive him away but he was really stubborn and didn't want to leave, eventually I called it quits for the day lol he was more stubborn than I, it took me a couple of months to get it but it was worth it
Tank pet would have to be Terrorpene and DPS would be Magri.
That's a tough question to answer. I love my water strider Squishy for the combat sounds he makes and because he looks so much smaller tanking large mobs. Most unique would have to be Chromaggus from BWL. I have to thank my old guild for having the patience to let me tame him (we actually wiped...5 of us running that at 85 during during the first tier of gear.) Now that I'm running more SV, I'm getting to know Savage. Apart from being the only white hunched tiger (the ones in Kun Lai Summit are technically gray according to Petopia), he has a unique roar not shared by any of my other cats.
Chromaggus Hands down

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