Cross Faction Communication for RP?

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I don't know if anyone has any methods for doing this already, but I was wondering: to make up for the language barrier, couldn't someone just do the /e for a custom emote and just do, for example, "Elfsbane says: Hi." Or does Blizzard block that too along with the whole language thing and make it unseeable by the opposite faction?
You can only use the standard Blizzard emotes. Custom emotes to the opposite faction come up with "<player name> makes some strange gestures" (minus the quotation marks). The only ways I know for cross faction rp is through real id/battle tag or having both people on the same faction but one person acting as the opposite faction character.
Figured it was something like that thank you.
On Cenarion Circle there's a group called the AAMS (Anytime, Anywhere Messenger Service). I'm not a member of either of their guilds, but they serve as a translation service for us. They've been doing it since before RealID.

I don't know how they do it. I think you'd have to join them to find out.

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