Looking to transfer - few questions.

Hello! My friend and I are looking to transfer to Hyjal and start a guild.
I've personally never heard of the server, so I was wondering about a few things.
Would you suggest this realm?
Is the Horde to Alli ratio close to even?
It's a Horde dominated server so you should love it here, they have strong progression guilds and they outnumber alliance prolly like 3 to 1. You cant go wrong if you come here.
I did the transfer myself a few months back before MoP dropped. I enjoy the people (excluding a few, but that happens with all servers), I like the casualty of the server. Guilds on Hordeside at least, are either gigantic and huge, or relatively small and close-knit. People seem to not be all that into joining a new guild though. They want 25 and perks, stuff, a spot in a raid group that's already ready, or are already into their own guild to move, OR just have no interest, at all, to join any guild.

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