[H]Stars and Stripes 3/12 normal ToT 10 man.

Guild Master's Battle Tag: Karmageddon#1623

Raid Times: Wednesday and Friday 1930-2300 CST/Server

For our present 10 man raiding line up we ask that you have a 500 item level. If you don't have the preferred item level, you're still welcome to join us as you're working on such goal.

We're recruiting the following classes to begin raiding with us:


Holy Paladin


Our primary goal is to work as a team; if you're in it for "your" loot or simply don't understand that wipes occur; especially during progression, then it's advisable to not waste our time as we're wanting other goal oriented and team players.

Raiders are expected to be enchanted, gemmed, reforged, and in appropiate raiding gear and are expected to be online 15 minutes prior to raid time for the possibility of a last minute change. Have your own flasks, potions and the best buff food you're able to provide yourself; banquets will be provided for those slacking.

We thank you for your time and patience in reading this post. If a topic needs further explanation, feel free to contact me in game via my Battle Tag posted at the top of the page.
My gear sux ATM, been raiding for a few now, would love to get back into some 25s again
Prot pally, been tanking for a couple years now.
We're still here and looking for players.
Is anyone else enjoying their winter? We've gotten a bit of snow, nothing major, and I can't wait til the actual blizzards roll through.
Has anyone done some self reliance tasks? I tried to start a bonfire today for solstice via some old techniques, wasn't very successful but was able to use wetfire and get it going.
We're still recruiting players and looking forward to meeting more of you.
In the 1400's a law was set forth in England that a man was allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. Hence we have "the rule of thumb"

some random trivia =)
Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear better.(that's the rumor =p)
updated; we've gotten a couple of folks and are still looking for more to round out the roster so we can progress more.
We've changed a few things around and we're still recruiting more members.
A guild full of baby killers, just what we needed.
11/17/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Karmadecay
15 minutes prior

The bane of the military's existence
We're throwing a shout out at Seraph for their support and we look forward to meeting up with more of you guys and gals. Thanks again.
And a huge thanks to "Catalysts" in helping us fill those last 3-4 spots, at times, to ensure we're getting 4/6 MSV. Sometimes it's hard to have a full roster with players deployed or out town for personal situations, Becky and her guild have helped us immensely to fill those spots.

We thank everyone for their support.
Hey all; we're still here and well we're trying to progress in T14 still; we seem to find a lot of new players and that's fine, you've got to start somewhere.

We thank those of you that have helped us out here and there on a boss and we look forward to meeting more of you guys and gals.
up you go !
I like to beat the alliance with a much larger stick. Rule of Showtime.
Thanks Reckoner
Gotta help my fellow undead buddy ;)

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