News about my past and future stories.

Earthen Ring
I have been giving some thought to this idea of doing stories again for having fun.

So if i do, here is my plan for alot of them:

1. Master and the apprentice( relation betwee Bara and my DK, including how he hates humans, what he thinks about humans, trolls, Illidan Stormrage with night elfs included, Elune, ashbringer, and with the appearence of Kormok's dad (and maybe kormok.)

2. Death of a chieftain (My DK's telling of how he killed Kormok's dad when the LK found out they knew each other and will detail how different he was when wraithverge was a DK)

3. House of Ravens(if you can't tell who I am collabing with then you prolly don't know who is who on ER, and also this is old so I am finishing this one up.

4. When I was born (orgin story of Bara, with details of his mom and what he was like as a child)

5. Man of Sanity (maybe) if Erik comes back I'll try to do one with him because his stories are really awesome.

6. Blistering cold- That one will tell what Baranalot was doing in WOTLK expansion

7. Blades and Daggers- kind of a tribute piece for Daggers of Varian guild from back in the day.

and yeah.... This will take me a good couple months but alot of these will have interesting view points, symbolism, and imagery so please read them and have fun.

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