who can help me, I fell so terrible,

Bug Report
The thing about flight master license, i can't study it. I go to Orgrimmar, also i go to Dalaran, i find Flight trainer, and i see the list, both haven't 'flight master license' choose. I think this is a bug. First my lvl above 60, also i study 225 Riding, and i have enought money, but i can't. Who can help me?
You need Cataclysm in order to fly in the old world.

If you have that expansion, make sure you check the filter on the vendor window to show unlearned spells.
I'm sure that can not learn the skills, can learn skills book, but can not learn to flight trainer, not the flight master license.
Can you see the skill in general?

If the list does not have "Flight Master License", you don't have the required expansion back to learn it. If it's not there at all, then as Rankin said, you need Cataclysm.

If you can see it, but can't learn it, is the learn/purchase button grey? Is there any aspect of the license that is red (ie. price, level, etc)?
I can see the energy, and prompts I can learn in my skill book.But I went to the flight trainer, learning list no Flight master license.
Do you have the Cataclysm expansion?
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Yes, I see the exact same thing on my hunter.

My hunter's on an account without Cataclysm. You'll see it in your spell book, but not at the trainer. If you want to fly in Azeroth, you'll need to buy the xpac.

If you do have Cataclysm, then it is a bug.
thanks for your help, i bought Cataclysm expansion, and i can study it.

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