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Out of curiosity, has Blizz ever thought about just compromising with both raid sizes and make a static 15M raid?
10 people quit from 25s

10 people quit from 10s

good compromise Blizzard
A lot of people have been calling for it, but I don't see it as a good idea. Completely getting rid of 25 mans and making only 10 mans isn't a good idea either, but its better than your idea.

You're messing with both 10 man guilds and 25 man guilds this way, likely killing a fair share of both.
It's something they seriously considered going into this expansion, partly due to positive player feedback from the EU, but decided not to because it meant every guild would be in a bad situation. It'd require the tight-knit small guilds to recruit several people or stop raiding, and the big guilds to have to trim their roster significantly. The potential sub loss was too high.
Why compromise on something that doesn't need compromising?

If you want 25m raids, run 25m raids.
If you want 10m raids, run 10m raids.

Changing raid sizes just creates problems. See TBC ... "Great, we got our gear farmed from Kara, lets move up to SSC ... wait, we need 15 more players now?"
Probably would have been the best for the game if they had such a size 6 years ago.

Too late now.

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