Reforging & Stats. Help!

Hi all, I just got some new gear and I was wondering how my reforges and stats look. Any input is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
Mastery > crit. (Mastery for spirit shell, PW:S, PoH, Divine Aegis)
Mastery rating has a higher conversion ratio than crit also.
So I should reforge into more mastery instead if crit? I was under the impression that all 3 worked great in synergy if kept about the same? Where would you put haste in at? A certain # that you want to hit?
You want more mastery and spirit above all else ATM. This is mostly due to how Spirit Shell scales with Mastery. It is simply a more useful stat ATM.
Interesting.. should I just reforge all mastery? And disregard haste/crit then?
Yes, especially if your top 3 heals are SS, POH and Sheild

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