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I won several RBGs this week then did arenas and am still stuck at the 1800/2200 barrier. Anyone else having this problem?
There are two separate caps - one for Arenas and one for Rated Battelgrounds. As soon as you pass the cap for one of those, it will no longer grant additional points; regardless of whether you've earned the points to that cap using that particular environment or not.

For example, if you have an Arena cap of 1800 and a Rated Battleground cap of 2200 (which it seems that you do), than as soon as you've earned 1800 or more Conquest points in a given week you will no longer be able earn any more Conquest points through Arenas that week - you will only be able to earn more (up to 2200 total for the week) through Rated Battlegrounds. It makes no difference where those 1800 (or more) points came from.

*ed: Yes, this means if you did your PvP in a different order (Arena first, RBG second) than you could have had more points. No, you will not be reimbursed the points because the system deliberately functions this way. No, this is not an appropriate forum to ask for clarification as to why or to request things be changed - that would need to be discussed on one of the two PvP forums.
I spoke with a GM in game and he said it was an issue that has been reported as a bug and is being investigated as to why it is functioning in that order. He also suggested I create a post on the forums. So I don't appreciate the attidude.
Asterchades has attitude?! WHERE, I WANNA SEE IT.


'Chades provided a good example of what the current system is doing (and note that it is not bugged). If you are doing something quite different from what he posted, then you'll want to be forthcoming with that information so we can possibly replicate the bug that you are experiencing. As a note, sometimes GMs aren't kept abreast of bug reports and they are human and can make mistakes. Sometimes they will say "yeah, that looks like it could be a bug, let me forward it", but it's really not.
I understand that and I realize the GM may or may not have been as informed on the matter as the next guy, that was never in question. He did suggest using the forum to report it as a bug, and also stated he was unsure if the order in which the points were earned should effect the desired result or not. I don't recall asking at any point for Conquest reimbursement or even asking anything other than, is this a known problem that anyone else had encountered.

If the sequence in which events need to completed is clearly stated in an update somewhere, please feel free to courteously share a link instead of suggest I'm asking for something other than a solution to why this is happening the way it is.
Here is the issue and why it is not operating properly. Even if it isn't considered a bug, the "math" is horribly wrong.

The problem is that no matter how you earn your points, be it Random Battlegrounds, Arena, or Rated Battlegrounds the points are tallied for all three "options".

What this means is that if you have a maximum of 2200 points, and you want to limit the number of RBG's you need to cap out (see 1800/2200 can be filled by other means, but that last 400 points HAS to be a Rated BG win), then you have to save doing RBG's for your last PvP Conquest builder for the week.

This is a horrible design. What it should be is the following:
You can accumulate 1800 maximum Conquest Points from Random Battlegrounds per week.
You can accumulate 1800 maximum Conquest Points from Arenas per week.
You an accumulate 2200 maximum Conquest Points from Rated Battlegrounds per week.

The values should all be represented by separate placed holders/pointers/variables. The total allowed across all three would still be locked at 2200 points but the values for each would remain to the individual method, not cummulative.

Total Conquest Points for the week: 2200/2200
Random Battlegrounds: 500/1800
Arena: 900/1800
Rated Battlegrounds: 800/2200

The total is the maximum allowed per week of 2200 points, but the individual is able to do any of the three methods at ANY point in the week as the variables don't overlap. In the current system it looks like this.

Total Conquest Points for the week: 2200/2200
Random Battlegrounds: 1800/1800
Arena: 1800/1800
Rated Battlegrounds: 2200/2200

Looks fine and dandy when you are capped but here in lies the problem. Assume PvP'er A does 1500 points of Arena, then gets the opportunity to do a RBG mid-week. The below would occur:

Total Conquest Points: 1900/2200
Random Battlegrounds: 1800/1800
Arena: 1800/1800
Rated Battlegrounds: 1900/2200

PVP'er A is FORCED to do Rated BG's to cap out. What if he can't get in another RBG pug, or his guild doesn't consistently RBG? PVP'er A is screwed.

The PvE currency system is setup in the preferred method. You can accrue Valor Points from any method so long as that total stays below 1000/week. Imagine if it were set up that you could do Heroic 5-Mans, but the moment you stepped into raid, the limit of 5-Man accrued Valor Points was taken by doing a Raid. Now you are locked out of Valor Points from 5-Mans because you've exceeded max, and with only 1 Raid a week, you can't build more points. Imagine the QQ posts that would be all over the forums.

I am not asking for the caps to all be the same for Arena, Random BG, and Rated BG. I am simply asking to only let the points accrued build up specifically in the method it was gained, no carry over. Only the Conquest Cap considers the total points accrued.

The current set-up is a bug because it stores values of points in all three variables and not only the one you got the points from. I hope more people see this an support it. This isn't asking for a buff or an increase of points, its asking Blizzard to allow players to accumulate that first hurdle of points doing either Arena or Random's without being impacted by RBG's. Only the total will be the limiter.
2 hours and no response? Bumping because Conquest Points are not functioning the same as Valor Points, and the implementation is not representative of how its displayed in game.
The issue I was encountering was, I won 3 RBGs last night, then went into Arena today (normally go earlier in the week but my partner was on vacation) I found myself hitting the 1800/2200 wall. It still doesn't make sense that you have to do Arena win x 10 then + 1 RBG win to = 2200. You should be able to do the RBG first, in the middle, or last without penalty under the new Conquest system.
I would like to see this addressed or recognized by Blizzard. Why is there a limiter of how to gain Conquest Points based on the order of gaining points, as opposed to Valor Points, which allow you to accrue points in any order in a week.

The only limit should be the total maximum, and the individual maximums (in the case of Conquest Points). Gaining points in one bracket should not add points to another.
It was addressed via a post that was stickied on both the in-game PvP forums. What you're seeing is very much deliberate.

As for the attitude, yeah - I can see how you might think that. You have to keep in mind, though, that these are open forums and anyone with an account in good standing can both read and respond. Not everyone accepts the actual answer without wanting to debate it and they feel the need to make some kind of response. This thread is a good example of that.

I respond in such a way that there should be no confusion - "blunt" is perhaps the best way to describe it. I can only apologise if you take offense to it, but I've been on these forums more than long enough to know the kinds of things that people will invariably ask or complain about.
Mr Cr for Rbg's is 2.1k and my total conquest cap for the week is only 2200? It was 3500 last week.

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