Shaman totems nerf 5.1

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This is almost as pathetic as the Rogue forums.


Wait you aren't orc no more?

But you choose undead. /shouldhavebeenatroll

((I feel this is a completly uneccessary nerf.

Shamans, imho, already have a bad enough time on the pvp side of things. Dps specs have very few tools to keep someone off of us/staying alive. Not being able to drop totems while silenced just makes it harder on us. Really dont feel like being full feared and blanket silenced by a destro lock for a free chaos bolt just because i cant tremor and ground it. Not cool

To me if this goes through, they take away what makes our class unique and pretty much make our class real squish, possibly not viable for serious arenas or rbgs.

Just woke up, may have put a little more in-depth talk on this, but this is my 2-cents off the top of my head))








Go back to your corner, and congrats on the extra chromsome.

((Not all of us shaman main heals, or want to main heals. Some of us would prefer dps, of which in pvp standards, imo, isnt that great. And this nerf doesnt really help them. Really did not need a nerf. Least I dont think so.

I am just voicing my own opinion, no need to rage/yell at me. If this goes through, eh, ill just learn to deal with it I suppose.))
huge nerf, sorry shammys living through deep+blanket cs was unintended... the change certainly levels the playing field between the healing specs in arena, but raises a much larger issue that now all healers are garbage against the wizard comp oppression. if youre complaining about this change as a DPS shammy then i dont know what to tell you, at least you have a viable spec even if you dont enjoy it er wait i mean HAD a viable spec lol

MOP arena: where everyones a cata rogue... cept rogues.
I'm laughing at the people surprised at this. This is WoW. PvP is a complete joke. This is just another punch line.
Like destdros said, shammans are the #1 healer atm.
I honestly feel like this should just apply to healing stream, healing tide, spiritlink totems. It wasn't so bad in prior expansions as there was no healing tide and healing stream didnt heal for as much as it does now that it has a cd. Interrupt and silence mechanics have been in the game to provide a window of opportunity to prevent healing and open up a kill opportunity. right now silencing/interrupting a shaman healer doesn't have enough significant effect in relation to other healers. Totemic Restoration just adds to the absurdity. In my opinion this talent above all should be looked at along with Resto mastery and purge glyph. I think blizzard is going down the wrong road with totems considering them as just spells. This philosophy takes away so much from the uniqueness of totems. I feel like totems are going to need a complete redesign after this.
Shaman was the only healer in the tournament that would survive and heal through the absurd amounts of CC/damage that was going around. So in Blizzurds infinite wisdom, they nerf the one healer who is able to withstand the CC/damage instead of bringing the other healers up to par.

But most of you can't see the forest for the trees and just scream nerf at whatever the top picked healer is. I mean could you imagine when the tournament would have looked like if the shaman totem nurf was live? It would have been a lot shorter tournament.

Now all of you dps can proceed to drop them skillful blanket-silences on all the healers and proceed to train each one down to your hearts content.
11/19/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Segadra
All totems are now considered spells, and summoning totems can be prevented by silencing effects.

All I can say is "it's about time", back in vanilla this is what caused me to stop PVP. I still KOS any Tauren Shaman I see just in case that dreaded combo happens.

I'll admit it's probably my PTSD (Post Tauren Shaman Disorder) talking. I'll stop talking now.

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