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Great video. Nostalgia <3

I tried to 'like' it on youtube but my rep with youtube isn't high enough yet. I'll have to continue doing my Youtube dailies.
Suuure it was a bug =)

If there's a bug that can make my normal tier look like the last tier but not my LFR and heroic tier, than I'm sure there's a bug that can make the text of last year's letter come up instead of this year's.
This video made me warm and fuzzy.

I want to thank Blizz for 8 great years. This community is the greatest and I look forward to many more year with the friends I have made! =)
I can't believe people actually care about the repeated letter.

Anyway, I think the video should be put into the Meda - Videos section of the website :)
Ahh what a fantastic video, it invoked memories of when I first started this game and took me back in time while slowly pushing me forward. Its rare for me to get emotional over things, but that video did me in.

People often ask me how I can keep playing the same game for eight years and its hard to find a place to start. Its not just the game play, or the lore, or my friends, its a whole lot of that mixed together.

When I started playing WoW back in 2004 I had no idea it was going to impact my life to the point of becoming a hobby, a chance to spend time with friends and even family, as well as just something to do when I'm not working. Looking back and seeing all the rough times and how the game has changed really tugs at the heartstrings. I think of the friends I've made, the achievements I've gotten, the frustrations, the times I've laughed, the times I've cried, to someone who is looking at me without experiencing this, I just look like a geek or a weirdo. Yet when I meet someone else who plays the game we just smile and nod because we know the feeling.

Like it or not this game has in fact become an important part of not just my life, but me as well. Let them call it obsession, addiction, or whatever they want. Its simply a virtual hobby that I share with many people and hope to continue to share for a little longer.

Thanks for all the good times, the bad times, everything in between, you name it. Here's to eight incredible years everyone, may we have eight more if the powers at be will it.

The moment when I got chills and the fur stood up on the back of my mane was

"You are not prepared"!

How incredible BC was defies my poor expressive powers, but I have loved all of the EPs.

The first toon I ever created was a NE druid. I will never forget the awe I felt at the splendor of that start zone.
Thanks, Blizz, for this epic and nostalgic anniversary video!

Yup. Right in the feels.

Really glad you liked the video! It's been a long, strange trip, with a lot of amazing people. I can't wait to find out where the next bend in the path takes us.

If only you'd quit ignoring Shamans like you have for years and respond to our posts!
That's cool!
Can anyone count how many times people have used the word Nostalgia and usually their reference to BC.
nos·tal·gia   [no-stal-juh, -jee-uh, nuh-]
a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life, to one's home or homeland, or to one's family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time: a nostalgia for his college days.
they should shoot a video of 3-4 dps trying to kill a healer in a lowbie BG!

but, they would need massive storage to hold a video that long.
Just watching the video makes me all warm and fuzzy.... I remember the good old days of The Burning Crusade... This guy I'm posting right now is my first character when I started playing (although I have a level 90, just never got around this character). I remember tanking on this guy during TBC, not using a shield and not using a tank spec when I was just level 10 doing Ragefire Chasm...
11/19/2012 07:59 PMPosted by Gigawat
Yes im loving the 8% exp benefit, all i ever wanted. Thank you blizzard, sarcasm end .... you !@#$%.

Greedy dwarf... the rewarding for these anniversaries are the memories we all have from playing WoW in the past (if you have any...)
That video brought me to tears, happy tears, *insert name calling here*. I don't care what people say, this game is amazing.
They don't care. I could get more from just looking at the trailers they ripped those clips from.
Mulgore was the first land I saw in game. I first quested on my ol veteran shaman. If I ever hang it up for good, I think I'll ride to Mulgore on the old black war bear mount. Make my way to Red Rocks, look over Thunder Bluff in the distance and fade away.

Eight years later, still playin. It's just a game. But, really at the same time, a positive constant.
11/19/2012 03:19 PMPosted by Velantha

What class do you play Zarhym? Or am I not allowed to ask that.

I seem to recall Zarhym saying he played a Gnome...not sure of the class but Gnome sticks out for sure.

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