[H] TPR 10 Man raiding guild LF warlock/mage

Total Protonic Reversal is a 10 man raiding guild full of long time friends and ex-hardcore raiders who just dont have the time for raiding as a second job anymore. That being said, we also expect people to know their class, pay attention, and try their best.

Raid times currently are Mon. and Tues. 6-9 server, extending to 10 server on occasion. We may possibly be adding Sunday to the list since there are just so many bosses to kill right now.

We are overall a very laid back guild where joking and mild trolling tend to be commonplace, so being able to take a joke is required. Many of us enjoy pvp and will run RBG's throughout the week. This guild is a lot of fun, if any of this sounds interesting, please get back to me with any questions you have either on here, or ingame via mail or pm. Thanks for reading.
still looking for a warlock
We are still looking for a Warlock
im a warlock :D
What are you guys looking for in a warlock. check me out I havent got much time to raid on MOP thanks to me moving but im done now. im experienced and smart also know my class very well.

Destruction warlock moving from dunemaul soon cuz my server is dead.

pst me any concerns

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