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Looking for Sydow

According to wowhead testimonies, Temuja is NOT impossible to get if you are already exalted. Some servers just have 1 or 2 NPCs that are refusing to pop up. It took me from neutral to exalted to see shadowmaster Sydow, and now I only lack Temuja himself. He has not spawned once my entire GL grind.

If anyone has him after maintenance today on 12/4, please add me at Leiden27#1544 . I will update this post with Zul'jins NPCs when servers come up as well. We've had alot of Huo-Shang and Bao-lai the immolator, which seems to be what a lot of you are looking for.
I also need Huo-Shuang and would love to put CRZ to some good use.

11/18/2012 10:51 AMPosted by Lonespriest
for General Temuja. its impossible to get him 0nce your exalted, u just need to know what quest trigger his spawn for non honored player. like when the quest pop up at that starting area instead of going to the lake. he spawns u just gotta fly over there and kill him, as for other one i dont remember how i got him. but look at wowhead and go threw the comments and just keep doing ur golden lotus daily's till they both get triggered

I hit exalted with GL a month after MoP release, and got Temuja a month or so later. Your statement on impossible to get him after exalted is false. It all depends on if the correct daily is up. Some servers just have really bad luck when it comes to those spawns.
Also looking for Huo-Shuang and General Temuja... plz hit me up on battle tag

I'm looking for Huo-Shuang and Shadowmaster Sydow. Please hit me up if either spawns on your server and I'm online

No longer need anything, thanks guys :D

battletag: ashkabash#1592
Looking for Huo-shang.. he's been the last one I've needed for weeks.
I need General Temuja, he wasn't up on Nerz'hul for a while now. Hit me @ mrbadfelix#1419
Looking for General Temuja

also need temuja

Need Baolai the Immolator!

Need General Temuja

word is he is up on Ner'zhul. can anyone help a dwarf out?

General Temuja or w/e is on ED today!

Innocence#1262 for an invite so you can get him!
Looking for Gaohun the Soul-Server here. Add me on Scoob#1295 if he's up on your server
Looking for General Temuja


Any ED allies around by chance?

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