One Man Army - Achievement

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General temuja is on misha-us today 12/24... invite me if u need to get to misha.


Still looking for Huo-shang
I still need Shadowmaster Sydow. Please hit me up if he spawns on your server

Hello can anyone hit me up for Shadowmaster Sydow please


Thank you! :)
Looking for General Temuja, Gaohun and Shadowmaster Sydow. Please add me if they are on your server for the day. Valiance#6993
Anybody have General Temuja or Shadowmaster Sydow on their realm? Add Valiance#6993
Still looking for Gaohun. If anyone sees him, please add me at Scoob#1295
General Temuja or Shadowmaster Sydow up for anyone today? Add Valiance#6993
Add me to the list of people who got Temuja on exalted. Huo-shang is my white whale, apparently.

Temuja DID take a LONG time to drop, so I assume it's just a matter of luck, although some of these seem much rarer than others.

Having similar issues with Over Their Heads.
General Temuja up anywhere?
Also need General Temuja if anyone feels so inclined: Techwid#1173
Looking for Huo-Shuang. Malvesti#1907
Valdro#6626 if you see general temuja
Looking for Huo-Shuang. Belagio5#1741 I also got General Temuja after I was exalted.
General Temuja is up on Alexstrasza today. 1/7
I'm looking for Baolai the Immolator. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He NEVER spawns on my server.

I'm still looking for Huo-Shuang. Battletag is Belagio5#1741. Please add me if he's up on your server. I would greatly appreciate it. <3
Anyone have General Temuja up on their realm?? add me! Smé#1665
Chasing Baolai

And I currently have Gaohun up right in front of me.


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