One Man Army - Achievement

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Still looking for Baolai.
I'm still looking for General Temuja.

Firepheonix #1674
still looking for SHadowmaster Sydow?

still looking for baolai
Gaohun up today on "The forgotten coast", badger#1681
Looking for Huo-Shuang

Unfortunately you have to be on an Oceanic realm for crz to work


Is up today on Frostmourne

If anyone on Alliance wants this feel free to add me (has to be an Oceanic realm)
Gaohun the soul-severer is up today in Stormrage!

Add me: Tyler#1381
I have been looking for Huo-Shuang and General Temuja for months, if they are on ur server, and you are on a us server, hit me up at xcal#1454
anyone seeing baolai today?
I Need Shadowmaster Sydow

still looking for Shadowmaster Sydow

Gaohun the Soul-Severer up today on TFC, still looking for Baolai.
LF General Temuja sightings
LF Shadowmaster Sydow
Gaohun the Soul-Severer is up on my realm today.

LF Huo-Shuang on anyone's server.

Hit me up if he pops up. Thank you!
Gen. Temuja is up on Dalaran server today.
Any horde on dalaran add my battletag xcal#1454. Need that gen temuja kill.

Edit: got the general kill, still need huo-shuang if anyone sees him invite, add battletag above.
Still no signs of Baolai?
Still looking for Baolai.

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