One Man Army - Achievement

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General Temuja is up on Cenarius.
Looking for general temuja have not saw him up on the drenden server since i started the golden lotus rep grind . if u see him please contact me and let me know ty.

General Temuja is up on Earthen Ring.
Still looking for Baolai. Just need him to complete the mission achievs of 5.1.
So pleeeease, help me.
General Temuja is up today on bladefist tuesday, April 23
Same here Battletag is Merxes#1289 if anyone sees him
general temuja is up on shattered hand 5/12/13.


and looking for gaohun the soul-severer. add me if hes up on your server please :) , Thanks!
Please add me if you see General Temuja or Gaohun the Soul-Server.

I Shall do the same for everyone on the last few pages of this thread.

windy sodak#1641
Afternoon, just curious if General Temuja still spawns in the same area that he had been before 5.3 as he is one of the last Mogu I need for the achievement.
Looking for General Temuja.

Add me if you see him. Lancevance#1899
Still looking for this SOB for many many months, I'm starting to think he been bugged after 1 month of MOP...

Will give great gifts on my server if someone invites me to there server where he is spawned hatos#1988
Im looking for general temuja and Gaohun the Soul-Severer, please add me if u get the spawn ELFRESA#1309
Same boat with Temuja - Add hitokiri#1932 please
I just need Temuja to finish mine off. Can he be found at Exalted?

Would really like a General Temuja kill as well if anyone would be so kind as to add me if he is up.


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