Request-a-Sketch 2 (Still not dead yet, bruh)

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Status: DOWN

Old thread capped. You guys are ridiculous.

(Nov 25, 12:50am) Edit:
Please stop posting your requests, guys. This is a temporary thing but I have all I need or want for now.
I will continue doing the sketches and posting them here, so feel free to keep checking back. But I have a lot of them to work through (or around, or ignore) and while it's kind of silly that something like this should make me feel stressed out, it is.

I'm a spiteful little toad so if the requests in the thread are dated between now from when I open it back up, those will be ignored because potato and you didn't wanna read the OP, so shame on you.

Imgur Gallery for easier browsing:

Sketches So Far
So the last thread was capped out. It was here:

Only thing I'm going to ask that differs from the first thread is that you don't repost your descriptions if you posted them in the last thread, please! I'm still working through them and I will get to it eventually, if I get to it.
Thanks <3

Oh, also, because some (a lot, actually ._.) asked, no, my commissions aren't open right now, but they will be soon! Thanks for being patient. :>
New thread! \ o /

It's got that new threat smell
Name: Luchena Leona Kaylith
Race: Worgen
Gender: Female
Visual Age: 21
Hairstyle: Ponytail in human form, hair is what you see in armory picture.
Physical Build: A bit tall (6' 4"). She looks like she's built for the most part.
Usual Demeanour: Serious, Somewhat angry
Garb: What armor I'm wearing right now is what ya' got.
Scars/Markings: Nothing that you can see.
Name: Urmlin Hammerstrike
Race: Bronzebeard Dwarf
Gender: Male
Visual Age: Late middle-aged
Hairstyle: Ponytail running down his back
Physical Build: Stout
Usual Demeanour: Grumpy
Garb: The heavy saronite armor he's wearing right now, along with his hammer and shield.
Scars/Markings: Deep, craggy wrinkles around his eyes. No right eye. A nose twisted and bent from being broken and healing many times over.
*bounces through the thread* Imma bunny Imma bunny! (6am silly mode, sorry Baen, wanted to give a bump though with love!)
Ay gurl, I like the look of yo' sketches.
So late last night/early this morning, someone whispered me asking if I would sketch their friend's character because their birthday coming up.
I was just going to do it whenever, just like everyone else, but then a baby tauren entered the frame, and the question of whether to do it or not became a question of right now? or when I start working tonight?

So yeah, this is for Atashani! I hope she enjoys her birthday. :D

Also as a sidenote, saying 'hey Baen draw a baby tauren' is basically a surefire way of getting me to draw something because kjagkladglhdf I love these tiny gremlin hippo baby thingies.
ohhhh god that is tiny :D


So tender.
11/18/2012 05:01 AMPosted by Cythe
So tender.

10/10 would eat.
I saw you flood my tumblr. <3

I hope everything's okay on your end - also, thanks again for what you did earlier, it means a lot!
11/18/2012 05:02 AMPosted by Baenhoof

Use the safeword
The safe word is Cythe needs to lean over a little more.


Anyway. Yes. Mama and baby tauren is irrepressably cute.

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