474 Ele Sham LF Progression

A little about me:
21 from California
Half Asian (IDK if this gives me any credibility but it's worth a shot right?)
Available virtually all the time. I'd prefer a 'later' schedule so that I don't have any interruptions whatsoever, but it's not entirely necessary.
Quick learner
Not entirely retarded
Can pull my weight

Raid Experience:
Wrath: (Can't remember dates)
Raided on my Fire Mage and Frost DK
Cleared ToC (and ToGC)
12/12 Normal
11/12 Heroic 10 and 25 (I really should go get my Light of Dawn title...)

Didn't start until Dragon Soul on my Holy Paladin
8/8 Normal
8/8 Heroic (after I switched to my hunter)

Due to some circumstances, sadly getting a late start this expansion
Know the fights for MSV, and more than willing to watch the videos even more for heroic modes as well.
Put attempts on 2/6 HoF but haven't downed

Contact Info:
RealID: Nachacho#1746
In-Game: Usually on Healbot, Carryout, or Nacho
Skype (Is this cheesy?): Iamryanlolz
Or just post here. <3

Other than all that, I like (in no particular order) football, cute girls, hugging stuff, dogs, pink stuff, gum, food, cute girls, long walks on the beach, naps, chocolate milk, music, cute girls, internet pornography (ugly girls that look cute with caked-on makeup), boobs, Pokemon, cute girls, League of Legends, cute girls that play League of Legends, cute girls that play WoW, cute girls, music, and leveling (I have 14 85+ toons)
Will whisper you in game.Are you able to raid weekends? Add me on real ID jcutler1980@gmail.com if you would like to talk more.
<CD> is recruiting talented dps.
Are you trying to stay on Alliance side only?

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