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Let's say the story has a time skip. 20 years sounds good.

20 years after the war in Pandaria, where would you like the story to be? Factions, racial leaders, outside threats, geography changes, whatever.

You are not limited by game mechanics here. Go wild.

The years of peace have cause several of the factions to drift apart.

The Forsaken have either died off or finally devolved into madness.

The Blood Elves and High Elves have reconciled their differences. No longer part of the Horde or Alliance, though they have decent relations with both. The Deadscar is no more, their Rune Stones are up and running, and the elf Gates are better than ever.

The Tauren have long since opened dialogue with the Taunka and Yaungol. Thunder Bluff has become a capitol representing each of these peoples. Tauren architecture more closely resembles Taunka architecture. Thunder Bluff has been fortified by the Yaungol's expert use of fire and oil.

Vol'jin is near death (trolls are said to have pretty shot lifespans), but he accomplished much for the Darkspear in his time. He had brought many trolls to his side prior to he Siege of Orgrimmar. Using these numbers, he went on to bring together all the other Jungle Troll tribes and socialize them to the new norms of Vol'jins tribe. Together, they fully repair Zul'Gurub. Taking from technology from the other tribes scattered around Azeroth, they made it nearly as advanced as most other cities. Once stabilized, he answered the call of the Revantusk, aiding them in either bringing the other tribes into the fold or putting them down. They take over Jintha'alor and make it into a Forest Troll capitol. As their power grows, more and more Amani leaves Zul'Aman to join them until there are only radicals left amongst the ruins. Vol'jins son and heir, Sen'jin, has begun the long process of repairing relations between troll and loa.

Rexxar, has brought together a powerful faction of ogres comprised of the Mok'nothal, the ogres of Ogri'la, Lantrasor and his clan, as well as the scattered tribes of Azeroth. Rexxar's need to protect and establish themselves as a power is derived not only from his advancing age but also the death of Misha. The Ogri'la ogres enlighten heir brothers and aid in building a surprisingly advanced home for themselves.

Following the Siege, the orcs had gone through a great cultural upheaval. No longer did the taste of war appeal to them. Many powerful and popular orcs backed off and claimed the status of clan head of the various clans. Thrall, by default, led the Frostwolves, Jorin Deadeye leads the Bleeding Hollow, Ariok has risen to prominence and takes control of the Blackrock, Gordul continues to lead the Shattered Hand, Zaela continues to lead the Dragonmaw, Mankrik has returned to the Warsong and leads in the stead of the Hellllscream lineage. The Burning Blade, being so few, joins the Warsong. In order to keep the tribes together, Thrall forms a council with each of the clan leaders. The Frostwolves have relocated to Winterspring, driving out the demons there and establishing themselves. Durotar has been irrigated and is now a lush farmland.

The Bilgewater has fallen under new leadership. It is a new named goblin who actually follows the storyline played out by players. Policies have become more eco-friendly since Garrosh was taken out.

In order to ensure another Garrosh never plunges the Horde into chaos again, Vol'jin, the Warchief following the Siege, and the other leaders chose to establish a Klaxxi like organization who would rise up against the Warchief if his or her ideals go against the ideals of the Horde. A champion from each race within the Horde is chosen to lead this organization. Nazgrel was chosen to represent the orcs, Tagar for the Tauren, Patch for the Goblins, Rokhan for the trolls, and Lantrasor, although half orc and half draenei, was chosen to represent the ogres.
20 years after its the same

Time Goes On, And Nothing Changes
11/18/2012 01:05 PMPosted by Rudox
Vol'jin is near death (trolls are said to have pretty shot lifespans)

Vol'jin would be, like, fourty, he was an young adult when he left the Darkspear Isles. Troll lifespans were estimated to be about seventy years.
I decided to break things down in a race section and since I don't want this post becoming too big I'll start with the Alliance before moving to the Horde.

Human: The Kingdom of Kul'Tiras suffered only minor damage despite being move by the cataclysm. Before adapting to their new surrounding the naga attacked the kingdom and despite an impressive defense the naga began to take control. In their greatest hour of need an unexpected force some to their aid: The Bloodsail Buccaneers. With their new ally Kul'Tiras successfully repelled the Naga attack and quickly set up defensive parameters. Feeling abandoned by the Alliance and enraged at Jaina for killing their beloved Admiral, the people of Kul'Tiras quickly entered in an uneasy Alliance with the Bloodsail over the course of the Cataclysm.

20 years after the Mists of Pandaria Kul'Tiras is now a shining beacon that defends it lands with stalwart devotion. Diplomacy from the Alliance has been met with fierce resistance and worse the human kingdom of Stormwind has received reports of Kul'tiras attacking Alliance vessels.

As dark times loom ahead as Stormwind and Kul'tiras seem to be to be path for open war, the people of Stormwind look to the young King Anduin Wrynn for guidance and leadership in these troubling times.

Gnome: 20 years after the Mists of Pandaria has seen much progress for the Gnomish race. With their beloved Gnomeregan back in there hands the gnomes have prospered greatly. However tragedy has recently stuck the gnomish race, when their beloved leader Gelbin Mekkatoruque was assassination by unknown agents. Unbeknownst to the gnomes, as they stand divided on who should lead them, an army of troggs march through the mountain and plan to burst through the dirt itself to reclaim their former territory.

Dwarf: The dwarves have changed much over the years with the Wildhammer, Bronzebeard, and Dark Iron clans becoming under the banner of King Dagran Thaurissan the Second. Though the clans are seemingly perfected united, rumors spread that members of the Bronzebeard are unwillingly to listen those with Dark Iron blood. Worse the recent tragedy in Gnomeregan is beginning to affect the Dwarves as the gnomish leaders try to rally outside support for the title of High Tinker.

Night Elf: While others have changed no race has changed as much as the Night Elves. In the years following the SoO Malfurion Stormrage was forced to step down as a growing number of night elves, while grateful for Ragnaros being defeated, began voicing their opinions the Malfurion had turned a blind eye to the Horde in Ashenvale. Rumors of Leyara being a victim of Staghelm by Malfurion's actions has caused the Archdruid to rethink his philosophy. While he resides in Moonglade to reconnect himself, rumors of a strained relationship between the Archdruid and his beloved mate Tyrande have begun to surface.

For her part Tyrande has been highly praised by the Night Elven people for her part in the Siege of Orgrimmar, most particular her daring attack which ended the life of Trade Prince Gallywix who had poured tons of gold into the Horde war effort in Ashenvale. As a result the Sentinels have greatly expanded in rank, as more and more druids find themselves asking when they should draw the line between the home front and outside threats.

The greatest change to Night Elf society though is Highborne have been fully accepted back as members of the Night Elven people. Their daring pursuit and strike that took the life of Thalen Songweaver has proved their commitment to the Alliance as a whole and showed the Night Elves that they respect that magic has limits.

Draenei: In the years after Garrosh Hellscream's death a social division has occurred among the Draenei of Azeroth. While many are dedicated to their allies cause, a number of Draenei want to take the fight to Kil'jaeden and liberate Argus. Remarking how the Legion invasion following the SoO allowed them to take out Kil'jaeden's right has allowed for an opportunistic moment to strike is the main rally for cause. However a growing number of Draenei feels that Azeroth is their home and that more time is needed to prepare themselves for the fight against the Legion.

Even worse of the Draenei is that their beloved leader Prophet Velen has fallen into a strange coma after receiving a powerful vision. As the Triumative of the Hand take up leadership of their people until Velen awakes, they have to deal with a growing division among their people and an unseen force lurking in their lands.

Worgen: In the years following the death of Warchief Hellscream the King Greymane was able to successfully take back Gilneas. With Darius Crowley and Ivar Bloodfang by his side Kingdom was able to entice various Worgen packs under his banner. While Gilneas is now strong they have lost a number of ships to aggression from the Bloodsail. As the Bloodsail and naga threaten their coasts, a number of Worgen have began to slip back into the mindless state. As old King Greymane begins searching for the cause, his journey will bring him answers that will shock and horrify him.

Tushui Pandaren: While other's have changed the wise and calm Tushui Pandaren overall remain the same and dedicated to the Alliance's cause. As their numbers have grown they can be seen aiding Stormwind in it's defenses and even their leader Aysa Cloudsinger can be found as a member of King Anduin's court. A number of Tushui Pandaren can also been seen aiding their Jinyu allies in Pandaria.
11/18/2012 01:16 PMPosted by Ximothy
Vol'jin would be, like, fourty, he was an young adult when he left the Darkspear Isles. Troll lifespans were estimated to be about seventy years.

I thought it was around 40-50 years.
The Horde.

Orc: Much has changed for the orcish race in the years following the Warchief Hellscream's death. With Thrall as their High Shaman many orcs have tried to follow his lead in obtaining a sense balance. While others rally once more on the path of shamanism a growing number of orcs have turned to their Tauren allies and began studying the paths of priesthood. While their spiritual is being reshaped dark omens lie ahead for the orcish people.

The legacy of Hellscream is not forgotten and is burned upon them all as the orcs find some of their allies being careful when dealing with them. Their are even orcs who claim they can feel eyes judging them. As the orcs work to reestablish trust and to prevent another Hellscream, a growing number of orcs are concerned about Thrall's ailing health. Fearful that Thrall's departure would cause an even greater upheaval the orcs have turned to Thrall's daughter Tari for guidance.

While a powerful shaman in her own vote Tari is only 20 years. While trusted by the other races of the Horde and seemingly the perfect choice others question whether or not the burdens of leadership should be placed on someone so young. Throughout all of this Tari is dealing with her own issues as she comes to the realization that the entire Horde is looking to her to take her father's place when he passes on.

Worse Tari herself discovers she is being watched by unknown forces who seem bent on bringing the orcs back to their savage destructive behavior.

Troll: The trolls have faced a massive upheaval that began during Warchief Hellscream's reign. After tricking the orc into thinking he was dead Vol'jin secretly joined the Zandalari and slowly began recruiting the desperate troll tribes in his way of thinking. After gaining enough support Vol'jin was able to put an end to Zul and Rastakhan. With the troll tribes rallied around his cause Vol'jin was able to successfully unmasked himself to Hellscream and led the Horde in the heart of Orgrimmar.

Following Hellscream's death Vol'jin was crowned Warchief of the Horde. While adjusting to his new position Vol'jin found himself dealing with a variety of troll tribes who needed a new path to the future. While some have joined the Darkspear on the Echo Isles, other's reinforced Bambala in Stranglethorn and claimed Jintha'Alor in the Hinterlands.

While Vol'jin lead the Horde gloriously, the trolls have become fearful of the future. With Thrall's ailing health and the poison from Hellscream's assassination attempt mysteriously becoming active the trolls and the Horde are worried. With no direct heir the question of who would become the Warchief is a staggering one as well how to keep the troll tribes together with tensions rising between them.

Tauren: Following the death of Hellscream the Tauren tribes have experienced much progress and bolstered their numbers by convincing a number of Yaungol tribes to join the Horde and have invited them and the Taunka into Thunder Bluff. While cultural divisions among the Tauren and their cousins split them, they are rallied under Baine's banner.

While worried over the state of the Horde with Thrall's and Vol'jin's ailing health, the Tauren, Taunka, and Yaungol have hope in the future with the birth of High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof's daughter Rain.

Forsaken: The years following the death of Hellscream have not been kind to the Forsaken, while instrumental in removing Hellscream from power Warchief Vol'jin replaced the Kor'kron with his own Siame-Quashi agents. While thankful for their aid Vol'jin revealed to Sylvanas that he was not ignorant of the use of the Forsaken plight and warned her to not use it in the future.

Soon afterwords the Forsaken were pushed out of Gilneas and Danath Trollbane successfully reclaimed Stormgarde. While increasing their defenses the death knight Thaurissan rescued Koltira from the bowls of the Undercity and killed one of the Val'kyr. With only three left the Forsaken and Sylvanas are keeping their location a carefully guarded secret.

Blood Elf: While the forsaken have faced hardship the Blood Elves have prospered. While there are still tensions between the Kingdoms of Silvermoon and Dalaran, Dalaran agreed to release the imprisoned Sunreavers for aid in curing a mysteries illness affecting the city. With more numbers Quel'thalas was even more secure and realizing that a new future must rise Lor'themar Theron moved to take the position of King of Quel'thalas with much applause.

When word of Warchief Vol'jin's condition reached them the blood elves working together with their Huojin Pandaren allies have tried to create cure. So far they have remained unsuccessful.

Goblin: Not much has changed for the Bilgewater Cartel, the death of Trade Prince Gallywix has met with applause and the Night Elves were sent a gift basket, which they accepted with bemusement. In the wake of Gallywix's death Sassy Hardwrench was appointed leader of the Bilgewater cartel.

Huojin Pandaren: Not much as changed for the Huojin Pandaren. They remain steadfast allies of the Horde and are trying to discover a cure for Warchief Vol'jin in tandem with the Blood elves: so far they have remained unsuccessfully.

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