Looking for an addon.. Feral

Looking for an addon that will help keep track of feral 4 set bonus pvp armor. the 30 sec CD free Ravage, im looking for a mater or track of some sort
Seems rather unnecessary, doesn't the button light up anyhow?

Powerauras or similar if you must.
i use droodfocus
I use Miks Scrolling battle text. Whenever I gain a buff the name pops up in the center of my screen briefly and informs me of the ravage "procs".
weakauras and then track the "stampede buff" (if thats what its called) or track the debuff so you can see when it's coming off cd.
you can also throw it in a macro with Tiger's fury or just use it after every tiger's fury. That's usually what I do, just Tf then Ravage out of habit its a nice little burst every 30.
Put Ravage on your bars and it lights up.

Macro ravage to tf, both have 30 sec cd and why not have ravage buffed?

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