[A] Lvl 25 guild considering transfer

Hi there, this is a general realm question.

I'm an officer of a lvl 25 guild on another realm on alliance side. At the start of cata, my current realm started dying....both horde and alliance guilds were breaking up and transferring elsewhere. I didn't think it was possible, but my realm seems to be dying even more with the new expansion. The few raiding realms that were left are dissolving and the players transferring to other realms. Even in my guild, when we are missing one dps, that is enough to halt raiding entirely because we can't even gain enough interest from trade to pug that spot. On top of that, 2 of our top dps decided to leave our guild for one of the other few raiding guilds, which has halted our raid progression even more.

My guild is a pretty casual guild, filled with good people that like to enjoy raiding or just questing. We respect each other as well as support each other if we need any help. When we raid we goof around, but we also are pretty focused. Anyone who raids needs to be gemmed, enchanted, reforged properly as well as know ur rotation and ur toon. If someone is missing an enchant or gemming, we gladly use our mats in the guild bank to make sure the player is up to speed. Guild repairs are also included with raiding and most ranks.

My question is, is this realm worth transferring to? We would like to progress through current content, but at the same time we would need to recruit a few spots. Would we have trouble recruiting, or is there enough interest on this server that players would be available?
Well, if you're going to need to recruit stike Cenarius' Horde side from your list. My recruiting for DBD is almost exclusively done on other servers.
If we did transfer, it would be exclusivly alliance side. Just trying to get a feel for things before we pay for a guild and all our toons transfers.
I wouldn't recommend it. I can't think of a transfer guild that has ever stuck around for more than a few months. There are a decent amount of people here, but there have been several recently failed attempts at 25 man guilds--including Stratagem who foolishly transferred without looking into the server. Unless you try to arrange a merger with one of these guilds http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/cenarius/rating.tier14_25 (not Raiding Is...) you won't be able to do much.

I just reread your post and you said level 25 guild, not 25 man guild. If you are a 25 man guild, ^. If not, try to merge or go somewhere else.
why do people still say "level 25 guild" its the mop version of "have a bank and tabard!" any guild that actually does anything should be 25 or getting it soon. I got my personal bank to 25 before mop hit after the changes, its so fast now lol.

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