(A) Pandas of the four winds recruiting

Emerald Dream
The panda's of the four winds is looking for members to join the PVE, RP, PVP we are a new guild but we are growing, level 14 with 5 bank tabs mubble.
we are a mature group of players who love to hang out and help build a new guild to the MOP will a all panda class.
We are taking all classes of pandas and all levels.
The pandas of the four winds is a all panda guild please apply at http://potfw.guildlaunch.com/
Please feel free to apply at the site your application will be looked at and you will be contacted in game or web mail.
The pandas of the four winds is a great group of players, we do RP, world PVP, and PVE we are a well rounded group
We are very dedicated and enjoy all areas of the game, If your Panda and you are looking for that group of players who help each other, hang out and have fun, and you are looking to raid come apply and join the fun.
Thank you Shamshocked or any of our members just do a (/who) look us up, also feel free to message me in game mail or whisper.
I would love to chat with you if you are interested.
This is a great group of players. They are growing fast and they would make a great guild for anyone looking for friendly players and helpful as well. so check them out if you are looking for a great growing guild

BRB. Gunna go bump my guild thread with my alt to make it look like people notice.



The Pack and Pandas of the Four Winds are great guilds, definitely look into them!
I can honestly say this is a great guild since I had moved from Sen'jin and I have not looked back since. I miss those who have helped me and helped me on my journey to Emerald Dream. But this is the place. Mature, family and all that jazz to make one feel wanted and at home. This group is filled with Aloha, the glue that holds the Ohana together. So continue to increase the peace dudes and dudettes, cause we are going for the win. =P
Just joined up with this guild of pandas today and I have to say they're a nice group of people. I've already attended one of their drunk brawling events which has been rather amusing to say the least.

Thanks for letting me join up with you guys! :)
I just joined today and am very grateful to start the new year with this amazing guild. They have a very positive way about them that is rather refreshing. It's motivating to imagine the fun and the experiences that are to come. Five stars and a thumbs up to this guild.

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