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How about a "Hide every friggin' scrap of clothing and opt for a cardboard box" option?

Nah. I think the shoulders are the most distinct bits of armor, and can really make or break a tmog. Though I do wish they were smaller on some races.
Heirloom shoulders look oddly out of proportion on female night elves. They've been scaled up a little to much.

I get that there are many great shoulders that the devs are proud of, but I don't see why this means that every character you have must have shoulders visible at all times. Having the option would not mean everyone would stop displaying shoulders. And nobody would hide the really cool ones that the devs are so proud of. But it would give a little extra flexibility in the customization possibilities.
There are some outfits that lack matching shoulders, namely most of Vanilla/BC sets, where Shoulders were not as common on non-tier items. Take my transmog for example.

Hiding Shoulders AND Hiding Tabards are the only suggestions I've seen on this forum for hiding clothes, and I agree with both. Why introduce Transmog when we can't find matching shoulders or have to cover it up with a tabard?

Heck, why not just introduce a darkmoon item (non soulbound) that is invisible for shoulders that lets you transmog your shoulders to it, rather than having to add a hide shoulders option?
11/19/2012 03:19 PMPosted by Daxxarri
It's true that offering an option to hide shoulders is something we've been reluctant to do, because so much effort goes into the creation of shoulder art, and those items are some of the most visually distinctive and iconic items in World of Warcraft.

I'm sorry, Daxx, but with the advent of Transmogrification, this argument has become a moot point. We've been given the power to make our characters look how WE want them to look, but for certain classes, shoulder armor is just downright "Ugh..." when it comes to the fashion statement that they want to make.

We're not asking to run around in our skivvies. We just want the option to hide our shoulders. Hell, you guys could even make it something to work towards with a Rep Grind or something. Coming in 5.1: the Fashionistas Faction!

Joking aside, please just throw us a bone and let us have the option to turn shoulder armor on or off. My Monk will thank you for it.
11/19/2012 09:40 PMPosted by Catwomán
can we hide belts too? some of the belts are really huge and ugly

No way! You know you love those awesome WWF belts... OOOHHH YEAAAAAHHH! *body slams you*

I've never yet seen Druid shoulder armor that looked good.

Until now? <:D

Even now. Those spikes are hideous.

Though, I concede they're better than a pair of dead birds nailed to your shoulders.
11/20/2012 09:03 AMPosted by Shocktherapy
No way, it would look retarded to run around without shoulder armor on..

Right. Because, of course, my current shoulder armor doesn't look retarded.

I've actually never found a shoulder piece I didn't like, and clipping doesn't really bother me.

That said, Transmogrification still needs a lot of work. *cough*weapontypes*cough*

THIS is why I want a hide shoulder option (and one-handed spears).

I would also like an option to hide one shoulder at a time so that I can go for an appearance of a brassard.
One thing I want to see:

Some armors have only ONE shoulderpad.

Those armors that only have one shoulderpad should have an option to display said shoulderpad on both shoulders.

This includes Herod's Shoulder, the Lv85 leather 384 craftable, the BoA Mail shoulder (that is modeled after Herod's), etc.

Some people like em.

I, however, don't. The shoulder model itself is fine, I just wish it was on both shoulders. Transmog could be an option, but the Lv85 armor looks decent as a set and mogging any other shoulder might ruin the look.

Could we maybe have a "Always have 2 shoulders" option for these types of armors?
I'm not really a fan of asymmetrical shoulder armor.

There are a lot of people who think it's the coolest thing going, though.
I don't like the shoulders, which is why I mogged the smallest one-sided shoulder I could find.
I'm not really a fan of asymmetrical shoulder armor.

There are a lot of people who think it's the coolest thing going, though.


Yeah, well, the roman gladiators were a fan of asymmetrical armor. IMO, it looks pretty badass having one arm covered and having the other arm be mobile to wield a weapon.

I've always wanted this look as a warrior, actually.





are all viable, often-used options for character transmogrification, but hiding shoulders (or god forbid, chest) for a rogue that wants to look like a classic, iconic demon hunter is not? Because running around in lingerie and plate bikinis is so much more believable?


On that note, someone explain why legendaries can't be transmogrified, or better yet, be heirlooms?

More options, more fun, not less of either.


My idea beats yours.

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