Battle Tag: Cerebro#1414

Hello we are building a core team for rated battle grounds, our goal is to attain "Hero of the Alliance" for our core. We are currently trying out different classes to build the best possible team. Although we do have some requirements to join, we want to give everyone a realistic shot at making our core team. While not everyone will make the core team we do welcome all levels, classes, and skill levels to join our Guild and help us make <Dream Team> the best PvP guild on Kel'Thuzad.

- 1800 CR
- Skype/Mic
- Availability 6pm PST - 10pm PST

While there is no requirement to join the Guild currently, we do require minimum 1800 cr to try out for our core team. Currently most of our core is spread out through-out several servers, as we grow members of <Dream Team> will have priority in joining our Daily runs.

Classes Recruiting
Death Knight // Closed
Druid - Open // Restoration
Hunter - Open // BM
Mage - Open
Monk - Closed
Paladin - Open // Holy
Priest - Open // Shadow
Rogue - Closed
Shaman - Open // Restoration
Warlock - Open // Destruction - Demonology
Warrior - Open // Protection

While all these slots are filled non of the people are in the guild with a core status and the slots are up for grabs for a more skilled player.

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