Leveling with a healing spec?

I know that if I go disc or holy I can chain run dungeons. But if I want to take a break and do some questing, can I quest as a disc or a holy priest without much issue? Or should I stay shadow up to a point and then switch to a healing spec later?
I leveled as Holy back in BC/Wrath. It wasn't too bad, but since then I've leveled my alt Priests as Disc. Evangelism is amazing for questing, and the Atonement heals aren't too bad either.
Disc is amazing for leveling up. Often doing more damage than shadow.
I leveled up to 90 as Disc... doing dungeons and solo questing.

You know how many times I had to stop and drink for mana?


You can basically roll your face across your keyboard and level up.
I gotta agree: leveling in Disc is great. I went all the way from 1 to 90 in disc (with only a brief try out of Shadow & Holy). You do decent enough damage and your health never drops below 90% thanks to atonement/evangelism. Some quest fights take a little longer, but like Lollipop, I've found I sometimes do more damage as Disc than when I used to try out Shadow (tho admittedly I was never very good at Shadow, and that's why my off-spec is now Holy!).

The coming changes for Holy in 5.1 MIGHT make it viable for leveling, but I'm not sure. I hear Mistweaver monks are good for leveling. I don't know for sure because I've never played one, but since they too heal while they DPS, they probably are.

Try leveling in Disc and I think you'll love it!

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