Possible New Arena System

Why does Blizzard not make it so that once a player gets 2200 in arena, they then have the elite gear unlocked. I often find myself getting to 2200, or higher, and wanting to try a new comp. But because I do not wish to lose the ability to keep getting my gear, I lose the ability to have fun in the GAME. Yes, it is a game. I think it would be more fun for everyone if you could push the rating once, get your gear, and then have fun for the season. And those who wish to go for titles, can further their team.
ugh I know how that feels and i hate it. Right now I'm waiting to get my elite 2200 mace on my shaman and druid before I switch comps. If it wasn't for waiting out the week I'd have played at least 50 games ret/hunter/shaman by now lol
curse you people that have amazing ideas and promote more play! blizzard will silence you!
I would still like to have more than one arena team per bracket with separate MMRs, so I could play with my friends who don't PvP as seriously without tanking my MMR and losing my weekly cap.

Would also allow less experienced players to play with higher rated players to help them develop and the ladder wouldn't be so dead all the time.

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