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i have 20 USD i just got and my account is like inactive so i wanted to know if i could use that 20 usd to add more game time like a moth since a month is 15 usd or do i need to a pre paid game card
You'll need to be a little more specific Spedmor ;)

Do you have $20 cash? If so, you're a little out of luck.

However, if that $20 is on a credit card, you can use that card to purchase a 30day prepaid time card from the Blizzard store here:
no i used my credit to get battle net usd and it says i have 20 so that 20 usd is point lets when it comes to buying game time right or no ?
Oh, unfortunately not :( balance funds cannot be used to add game time unfortunately. You would have been better to use your credit card and purchase the game time card from the store using the link I provided.

Here's a list of what you can purchase using your balance:
okay thanks but one last thing if i buy this wont it give me a free month
That will give you 30 free days on a brand new account. I thought that you were looking to add time to your existing account though.

That link will not add time to your current account. It would only start a new wow account and allow that new account to play for 30 days.
okay well i understand this crazy game now or at least when it comes to paying for it so ty
You're very welcome Spedmor! Best of luck to you ;)

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