Feral Multidotting - need advanced tips

Browsing worldoflogs of stone guard 10m normal and was looking at top feral druids. In the top 25 or so I saw a lot of:

Druids with great gear (some heroic) doing what looks like mostly a single target rotation (rip, melee, and rake about equal in damage)

Druids with less than great gear doing what looks like extensive multi dotting (rake was 40% in damage, melee and rip about 20%, thrash about 10%). One in particular did about 80k with 479ilvl and only a 463 weapon.

So my conclusion is obviously that there are a few skilled druids out there who have really mastered the art of multi-dotting, keeping rake up on multiple mobs and keeping thrash up quite a bit too (certainly more than just clearcasts to get 10%)

So I decide to try it out on LFR. People usually group all 3 stone guards up so there should be even more opportunity for multi-dotting, right? I felt like a chicken running around with my head cut off trying to keep rake up, keeping thrash up is a pain because of high energy cost (I wasn't waiting only for clearcasts on thrash for this) and I barely got chances to get any rips on a target. The results weren't too terrible considering how bad I know I am at it, doing 65k when usually I get around 70k by just doing a normal single target rotation.

So I definitely need some tips on how to make multi-dotting more effective than single target on a boss like the stone guard.

Any addons that help for tracking dots on multiple targets?

How to make most out of DoC procs w/ predatory swiftness? 2 rakes? I almost never seemed to have a rip ready.

Is a big part of this requiring symbiosis with a rogue or warlock? I have a rogue in my regular 10man, not a warlock though.

Is thrash worth spending energy on with 2 targets (as would be normal in 10m stone guard), or is it for clearcast procs only?

And anything else worth noting, if you think you are good at it just post your general priority list for 2 or 3 target fights.
i think symb with a rogue is pretty important. This is because you can start ur single target rotation on 1 boss, extend rip fully with 3 mangles, then redirect the combo points to your next target. If it's a lock your dots disappear on your first target.
there's so many addons that can track dots on numerous potential targets, although very few (if any) of them are set up to be aware of boss frame targets.

I would probably end up trying to set the 2nd dog as focus (a mouse-over to focus target macro comes in handy for this), and if I really wanted to set up a couple @focus rake/mangle/shred/rip macro's (this way to just get the rake ticking on the 2nd target you don't have to hardswitch targets).

I'd say practice it as much as you can on trash, or on target dummies in Org/SW for what feels comfortable given your gear level.

I remember in Cata at least, that most any time I'd end up multidotting, it worked on a primary target vs secondary target basis -- as in, the primary target would get the most attention (full CP rip's and as much uptime on debuffs as possible), while the secondary target I'd just be happy with what I could get (2-4 CP rips, spotty uptime, whatever). It's more beneficial to have it work out that way IMO, so you can have 1 target be your pin-cushion, and the other is just there for any 'overspill' so to say.

To be quite honest though, regarding stone guard, it's entirely possible for their energy to end up so screwed up over the course of the fight that getting a 5 CP rip on one (just to have it run off and take 99% less damage) could be a fruitless endeavor. Definitely try it for the first two, but as the fight goes on and those tank swaps get more obnoxious, just try to do what you can.
I'd honestly suggest you symb a warlock for that reason - so you can pull off your rake/rip from a dog running away, rather than a rogue to share combo points across dogs with (you can still use the CP on the running dog by refreshing SR anyway, that 15 seconds on Rip you've got on it won't come back any other way.)
I got rank 4 this week on normal Stone Guard 10 this week.

I can only tell you what I did which was use Symbiosis on a warlock for Soul Swap, talented into SotF and NV. I focused the entire fight on keeping Rake and Rip on both close Guards, if one was to be swapped with full dots use Soul Swap to benefit from the damage bonus. I was also trying out Thrash without clear-casting procs (specifically while using Berserk & NV) which seemed to pay off well on two targets.

I believe my ilvl was 481 at the time with a 463 weapon and no Bottle of Infinite Stars, I got that later that night :D

The only addon I use to track multiple bleeds is Tidy Plates (Threat plates). Other than that I use WeakAuras to track all important single target auras.
^ Very nice. Maybe I'll give NV a try for talents (I'm usually DoC), do you roll with that all the time or are there times you think its better than others?

Unfortunately no warlocks in my core group for a few more weeks at least.
I use NV on and off, been playing with all three talents. I do enjoy DoC however since I raid 10 mans at the moment the utility of Heart of the Wild calls to me on most progression fights so I have been playing with that most often. With the added focus of raid calling and watching others I prefer the more stable choice of HotW or NV. On most encounters that include a damage increase phase like Elegon or Will of the Emperor I go for Nature's Vigil for the added burst and passive healing of the raid.

DoC still pulls ahead on most encounters but only with great execution and solid up-time. I find I pull better or equal numbers with the other talents, however I haven't played that much with DoC in raids so I doubt I'm all that accurate with it.

Any addons that help for tracking dots on multiple targets?

Get the add on "Plate Buffs" and make sure you have nameplates turned on.
11/18/2012 12:52 PMPosted by Bashastick
i think symb with a rogue is pretty important. This is because you can start ur single target rotation on 1 boss, extend rip fully with 3 mangles, then redirect the combo points to your next target. If it's a lock your dots disappear on your first target.

What you don't seem to know is that with Soul Swap the combo points you have on the current target stay. If you get 5 combo points like you are saying right after the full Rip when you shift your bleed to the other target you can then just use the combo points that are on your first target. And you can do that every 30 seconds instead of every minute.

Another benifit of Soul Swap over Redirect is that during BitW phase you can move your Rip around with out having to refresh it with 5 combo points.

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