The Resurgence

Fun group of individuals, however, as soon as you go above and beyond you're kicked from the group. The guild leader Hoax of the Resurgence kicked me from his 25m Ulduar achievement run. Reason: because I was going to fast and was pissing people off. While a mob was glitched everyone hearthed out (I chose to die and get back in and clear trash). While they waited at the door for everyone I cleared the rest of the trash in Freya's room for them to continue. After the boss fight I was kicked for reason(s) shown above. I'd think twice before joining this group of individuals whether it be for a fun raid or progression raid.

Please remove this guild immediately; they have no business running raids. When people pull trash and don’t wait on others, than pull two bosses, they have the right to be pissed when kicked from the raid. Let us start a band petition here and now to eradicate this guild from Garona, and these players accounts. We will get through this travesty together people. VIVA LA DOUCHE BAGS.
You make it sound as though you were being helpful. You were showing off your dps, and pushing ahead of the group every chance you got. You locked people out pulling bosses early, and made people miss achievements.
Whined about DPS in a level 80 raid, kept running ahead and pulling ahead of the rest of the group to show off that uber-DPS you have, locked Hoax out of a fight (it was you according to everyone's recount), and pulled Freya. We've run Ulduar too many times to treat it as progression (like you).

Go home, you're drunk.
So let's see. I wasn't there long but long enough to watch you ignore instructions not to run into Freya's room, pull the boss before we were ready (on a fight we were trying to do an achieve on), and also lock another player out of the fight. It's cool you thought you'd be "helpful" clearing trash. Super effort right there on old content. <Insert golf clap here>

Also, when I first came into the group there was already some whining about your attitude going on so I suspect things were not going well before this particular fight anyway. Regardless of that (since I wasn't there for the beginning), I found it highly amusing the amount of rage you showed. Once again, how "above and beyond" of you to go make a toon on Garona for the purpose of harassing raid members after an old content raid that you got booted from for not listening, facepulling a boss, locking out a member, and being a jerk. <Insert another golf clap here>.

I can vouch for The Resurgence as a guild in this situation as I actually started out as a PUG for them in old content raids. They are a super fun bunch of people to run with. They are also a fair group of people to run with. Loot is evenly distributed, mounts have gone out to even the most annoying of PUGs, and 9 times out of 10 people ASK to be invited back. All of that being said, they aren't going to put up with someone that can't follow simple instructions and has a poor attitude towards the rest of the group. I think that's pretty fair for any raid run regardless of content.

Best Wishes Buttercup,
For thorim It was your monk healer running in with whirlwind feet of aoe. I did not pull that fight. Glad to see a guild come together on that conspiracy. I said one thing once about the dps. That was going into algalon. After that I said nothing about the dps. Freya i stood 5 yards ahead of the group and Freya patted into me. The rest of the group didnt even move either. Boo hoo I happened to be just that much closer. I cleared trash from one group to the next and didn't hinder any of the group in making them heal or follow me. I Made a toon on your server such as the screenshot I took of the message to ask your Guild Leader the exact reason as to why I was kicked. I rarely said anything in raid or vent. I kept to myself. Like Hoax said a lot vent was really quiet. I had no warning of saying hey can you do this or hey can you quit pulling ahead and stop pulling trash. No, no one said anything I was straight up kicked from the group. FYI your guild is the one who was drinking all night and talking about drinks, not I.
And what achievement did I make people miss? I followed instructions on the boss fights very clearly. Don't kill adds I didn't kill adds. I told people to stand in the tunnel if they wanted an achievement. They didn't stand in the tunnel 'they' chose to not stand there. That's their loss responsibility for the loss of the achievement. Not mine.
We cannot have these fun runs. We have to zerg every pull and kill every mob before the rest of the raid catches up. If they cry about it oh well, we do what we want when we want, WE ARE ELITE. These slow !@# people need to just get moved to the old age home. We will pull any boss we want and hope to glitch out fights, and ruin loot. After were kicked from the raid, we will make forum posts and complain about everyone. Then I will make a toon on these peoples server and BUG everyone in the guild because we were kicked. WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ANYMORE PEOPLE, YOU WILL LEARN.
You may not of missed an achievement.... but the person you locked out may have. And you still missed the point where our raid leader asked everyone to stay back out of the room. Please don't act like your creating of a toon on Garona was solely for the screenshot. You whispered more than Hoax. As for the drinking... learn your memes, sir.
I was one of the peopled pugged in this instance with you as well. After you left they where all talking about how you kept harassing some of the members of the guild much to our entertainment. Then mentioned you posting this very topic. Honestly I never laughed so hard in a long time. My stomach was hurting, thanks!
Why? Why go through all this just make yourself feel better? Why empower your self with all this bull? To put this much effort over something so petty. All this is after you starting being such a jerk saying something about dps issues in a for kicks run into Ulduar. People where drinking among friends and having fun, but you crashed the party. Not to mention screwed some of us out of getting easy achievements. But whatever, if you feel like making such a big deal over your F up to begin with then go ahead. We will watch to our entertainment. At least tell this topic is deleted.
Not once did I say not to have fun. I wasn't hurting anyone by clearing trash. I didn't lock anyone out of any fight seeing how as I didn't pull the boss. I whispered Hoax and your DK rank 1 in the guild to thank the leader for wasting my time. Don't try and blow that out of proportion. The main purpose of making a toon on your server was the screen shot in fact. For being such a friendly guild and not even having the decency to warn someone to do something such as please don't do this or do that would have been nice.
Well good night and enjoy the rest of your evening. Hopefully I'll come back to an apology for how your guild handled the situation.
Let me see if i get this..
<The Resurgence> is a public disgrace?

Don't try and blow that out of proportion.

You got kicked from a raid for not following directions, follow your own advice, and get over it.
Apology for you being someone who can't get over the fact that you got booted from an old content raid you pugged into on open raid. My god the travesty of an open raid experience being subpar for someone. The fact that you had to take it to forums is especially amusing considering you posted about not being told why you were gone and then posted a convo of being told why you were gone.

Also, you got called out for the pull in vent and then got an attitude about it and were asked to leave because at that point you had annoyed enough of the raid that no one wanted you around. Might I also add that this raid drops patterns from trash that some collectors might like having. How nice of you to clear trash with people still not in the raid yet so they can miss the chance to roll. Once again, going above and beyond.

Have a good nap darling,

P.S. Feel free to hold your breath on the apology.
And <The Empire> Cheated him out of a Drake mount! i seens it they cancelled his run again and again and again and now ive got to intervene! You scum! No good rotten good for nothing jerks will pay for this heinous act of tom foolery and deceit! I will personally see to it nobody buys from you ever! EVER! A GAIN!
Also blaming <The Empire> for this. Thanks, guys. All he wanted was a mount.

OP, you are a simple minded idiot if you believe that you were wronged. I'm assuming Hoax was the raid leader, since he kicked you, and that means that what he says is law. That's how things work in a pug.

<The Empire> claims all responsibility, and we will refuse to sell OP any mounts in the future purely out of spite for this post.

Deb, Trax, form gif / meme posting positions. ATTACK!!
Would you be willing to say that <The Resurgence> is a pathetic embarrassment ?
Well I just got done reading this medley of rubbish, and I found this conjecture most entertaining....
11/18/2012 08:45 PMPosted by Macstallion
I had no warning of saying hey can you do this or hey can you quit pulling ahead and stop pulling trash. No, no one said anything I was straight up kicked from the group.
You didn't have any warning? You need someone in a raid to tell you that as a DPS you shouldn't go ahead and pull by yourself? That needs to be laid out for you hhmm? You lost much-all credibility to me with that.

Yes its an old raid, and you can solo all trash I'm sure. But you are in a raid, with others, its a group event, stick with the group. I'm not a PvEer and i know that pulling trash will sometimes bug people from being able to enter the instance. Plus if some sort of pattern drops I want everyone to have a shot at it.

I liked that other drivel about 'I was only 5 yards ahead of the group and Freya patted into me' or whatever he said. I guarantee it was more than 5 yards. 5 yards is like 3 steps. You shouldn't be ahead of the tank, but if you are, no one will care about that minor of a gap. I get a feeling it was closer to 10-15 yards.

Edit: Trax ive been on all night & have not bothered with that stupid alt paladin since we last did group bg. Instead i was kicking it with Mayo and now lvling my warrior.

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