The Resurgence

Edit: Trax ive been on all night & have not bothered with that stupid alt paladin since we last did group bg. Instead i was kicking it with Mayo and now lvling my warrior.
nuh uh i aint a snitch you mutt. ima go to bed work in AM. prolly be up by midnight to do some bgs or just sleep til shift.
I honestly had no idea horde had this many people.

I'm seriously upset with the lack of gif's in this thread....
hai guise
I dont understand what the OP expected to gain from this thread.. This went over about as well as the guy blaming <The Empire> for cancelling runs or something.
I will not rest until the pathetic embarrassment of a guild <The Empire> is brought to justice for this disgusting act of cheating & manipulation!

I would like to cordially re-invite you for your Ulduar progression night with <The Resurgence>

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