hello, anyone there?

Shattered Hand
so i finally decided to return to WoW and to check out the new expansion got really excited about it and so when i logged in and noticed that there was 2 people in stormwind i thought to myself that there must be a new main capital city for everyone and come to my surprise there isn't and then it sunk in that the server is empty.... i have about 7 characters and i wish i can switch servers but there's no way i'd let myself pay 25 bucks for each character, its really sad that i'm probably just going to deactivate don't think ill even hit the cap
There is another city but Alliance REALLY is just that dead. Horde is doing great though :P
thats just sad, i wish it didnt cost to switch servers because i just dont have fun getting attacked by 8 horde and can't call anyone to help since no ones on alliance
Yeah, Alliance is quiet on Shattered Hand. Sorry. If you are interested, check out the DOTB recruitment post :) We'll be able to bring some life back in Alliance side!

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