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yesterday I saw the MoP 10 day free trial little banner in my account management, so I decided to download the WoW client and then activate it once I was done downloading (I have slow internet). so this morning I went to activate it and for some reason the banner is gone and I have no idea how I can activate the 10 day free trial. any help?
Looking into this, Jones.
Yeah that is the same thing that happened to me. Really hoping they put it back up
Curious about this as well, logged onto account management but the banner is not there.
Same here, guys. I've seen it before but I was too busy to play. Now I am on Thanksgiving break and I want to try it out, but it's not there anymore. Please fix it! Thank you.
bump, would really want to check out what content I would be paying for before I buy it.
11/19/2012 01:06 PMPosted by Roraks
Looking into this, Jones.
The option should be available now.

Please let me know if you are still not seeing it.
Yes, it's there now. Thank you. I look forward to trying it out and hopefully joining WoW once again.
Im having the same problem. I want to give it a try but I dont see the button. I already activated the 10 day trial but I dont see the dl button. Its asking me to insert a key.
Those who are already playing WoD have this benefit as well?
I don't even know what you are asking about.... this thread is from 2012... if you have a question please ask it in your own thread.
This thread is two years old. If you have a question please make a new thread. I also do not understand your question in context. As you are level 100 you obviously do not need a Warlords of Draenor 10 day trail as you are fully upgraded.

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