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I have a priest that has been the embodiment of a good Samaritan a truly altruistic person for his whole life. But the thing is, I want to play a warlock while keeping the same "character" if you know what I mean. (Basically the "evolving a character" concept mentioning in a thread on here at the moment).

So I would like some help with a story twist that could turn my altruistic character into a warlock. I know warlocks don't have to be evil, but most are, and I would like to play one of those not-so-bad warlocks. My most liked decision that I've come up with so far is that there are so many threats to Azeroth and he can't keep his family and people safe with just the powers of the holy light and therefore taps into the twisting nether to become more powerful. Become able to protect his people, but at a price.

Any help is appreciated :D
Hello there, dretzul. One thing I would suggest is possibly just making him a different character altogether, but play him like the other side of your priest's coin. Possibly make them related, like say brothers or even cousins. They grew up as rivals, and each took a different path to protecting their loved ones. However, if you're set on making your current character go down a darker path, why not make him a shadow priest for role play purposes.

One last thing, just to knitpick :p mages tap the power of the twisting nether, warlocks get their powers from demons.
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why not make him a shadow priest for role play purposes.

I kind of feel dumb for not thinking of that :P

11/19/2012 04:14 PMPosted by Damerflynn
One last thing, just to knitpick :p mages tap the power of the twisting nether, warlocks get their powers from demons.

Nitpicking's good! It's how I learn hehe
Well, I mean.... there's so many ways and reasons one can or would become a warlock.

Now, one of the friends I RP with has a very altruistic good priest character, but who is constantly struggling against the Shadow. You could have the same thing going on, but end up having your priest lose that struggle -- Shadow priest is only a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Warlock, if they're looking for power.

Another idea is, they may come to believe the best way to fend off fel attacks and demonic incursions is to have intimate knowledge of fel magic. Poof, now they're studying to be a warlock for a purely altruistic reason. And the question then becomes: how does this study effect them? Does the fel influence change them?

You could do a split personality type of thing, or as Damerflynn said, they could be brothers. Opposing sides of the same personality.

Also, consider that maybe their altruism is hiding something. Sometimes, someone may seem extremely altruistic, until you realize that they're always making sure everyone knows how selfless they are -- and then you realize it's actually sheer pridefulness. Maybe there's already a darkness under the surface here.

I mean, there's tons of other ways to do this too. You just need to give it some brainstorming... and I hope this helped!
Well I guess that would lead me to the question, can a Warlock be good? Can a warlock be inherently good, just with a different means to an end? Or, because the Burning Legion is as evil as you can possibly get in this universe, does that make Warlocks evil by association?
That depends. Can warlocks be inherently good, while channeling the power of pure evil? Of course they can do good deeds, fight for good causes, but more often than not there will be a darker side to their works. Personally, I think the playstyle cray suggested would be perfect, having a split personallity, where they are good and then, the fel influences take over. The perfect warlock spec to play this as would be demonology, for role play purposes. It provides a very visible effect of a fel-takeover.
I think it depends on how strong-willed the warlock character is too. A stronger-willed character could likely resist the influence of the fel magic on their mind, but still be able to wield it. There's a sort of anti-hero quality to the warlock class.

There's a couple of good warlocks on my server (like really just a couple) -- the one who springs to my mind as being the "most good" is studying demonology in order to free her parents from a curse that has trapped them in the forms of demons. She's not evil, in any way, but she has intimate knowledge of demons because she's been researching it (for largely selfless reasons).

That said, it's not easy to make an inherently good warlock believable.

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