Crafting Epics- Made to Order vs White Tails

I cannot really make many epics right now, my Monk is frantically tearing through Golden Lotus reputation now to get at all the good Leatherworking patterns, but before she gets there, how much success have any of us had selling this stuff?

I am drawing on this experience from both past expansions and from the two epics I have crafted thus far. This current expansion seems to have a different complexion when compared to, say, Burning Crusade, where in both the crafted epics were available, but market forces kept them out of reach of the average player, at the beginning of BC at least. That is from my experience anyway, with the usual YMMV disclaimer.

The made to order that I crafted was a straightforward transaction, a guildy was in need of the item, and my Shaman was the only person in guild that could make it, materials changed hands, crafting was done, and delighted guildy was delighted. Giddy with the success of that, I decided to throw my usual caution to the wind and craft another of exactly the same item, with mad visions of massive profits and cornering the market etc.

And do you think I could shift that item on the AH? Nope. Possibly because I was asking too much for it, possibly because there was no real demand for it, because the people who needed it could also be getting it from their guildies etc. Who knows? Suffice to say, it went to one of my toons who suddenly needed it very urgently. With every passing day I see more and more people spruiking their professions on the trade channel, looking for work, and I am oft to wonder if their experience was the same.

Have you much success with your crafted epics? Has it been worth it? How well are your items selling?

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