Wow crashing.

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Everytime I log out on this toon, wow crashes. No problems with any other character. I believe I read on this forum it's a add-on issue. I Use 2 add-on's: Bartender and Atlas. I deleted them and re-installed them and it worked ok for a few log offs. No the problem is back. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Seabee's <Can Do>
Delete your cache folder, your WTF folder, and interface folder.

Give that a try.
It could be corrupted data, more then it could be a actual Mod Error. If this is still continuing you might want to try doing a full UI reset and try again mod free for a time. Instructions on how to do a UI reset can be found here:
Thanks! I delete the folders mentioned and so far so good. Will keep y'all posted on any changes .

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