Holy Nova

This abilities base damage and healing are tremendously low, and the spell power % that the ability scales with is also incredibly low. Is there a particular reasoning to this, or is it just a gross oversight? Discipline has very little in the way of effective AoE, and this glyph/ability seems like it would be a good match for the spec, if only this ability actually scaled at a remotely reasonable rate. I'm sure holy would like it too, if it were improved.

What do people in the community think? Should this ability be improved, or left to collect dust? And if so, why?
I think (could be very wrong) that it's more of a utility spell aimed at allowing priests to break people out of stealth in PvP. That's the only use I can find for it.

I think it could have been improved, but my thoughts have pretty much always been to allow it to be on a medium-length CD (30sec-1M), and heal for a decent amount, like an on-demand burst heal. They pretty much created this exact thing when they made Halo, so I don't really know what else they could do with it.

Maybe it could be kinda like a Mass Dispel for bleeds and poisons and stuff that MD can't usually get, and be on a 2/3 Min CD. Like, you could use it to clear a raid-wide debuff on the melee packs, or a stacking bleed off of the tanks, but only once or twice during the fight. It'd save damage in a unique way, and would give priests a new spell without just throwing more heals at them.

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