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About 23 hours ago I payed for a race change for my paladin and it's still pending. I know that it says it could take up to a couple of days but everyone I've talked to has had it done in like an hour. Then someone I know from the game did it today and already has their race changed. So I'm not sure what is going on. I thought about just canceling it so that I could either try again or I could finish capping my character for the week (since it won't let me log onto it) but I read that once you hit submit that you can't get the money back. It's just really frustrating me and any help or an estimated time frame would be nice.
Check your Transaction History on your Account Management page. Does it still say Pending? Do you have a Billing Profile set up? Is it updated with the card you used for the service?
It says pending and I updated the card I payed for it before I hit submit.
It can take up to 72 hours, as said numerous times in the FAQ
I know, but as I said before someone after me did it and they already have it. So is there no line then?
No, it's not about lines. It's typically about financial institutions. Have you ever used a character service before? It's possible that your bank is trying to make sure it's a legitimate charge.

Edit - As an example, I use a locally based Federal Credit Union. The first time I purchased something from the website, they flagged it as a potential fraudulent charge. They also did it when I made a purchase from Newegg.
I've faction changed and server changed in the past. And they were all done within the hour.
I have a similar problem. I haven't even gotten to pay yet. It just says Race Change Pending.

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